My Deck for Swiss Nationals

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Einstein, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Einstein

    Einstein New Member

    Hallo >Everybody :thumb:

    Im new here in Pokegym.

    I think im going to the swiss nationals on the 31th may.
    Here in Switzerland.
    We play without Majestic Dawn ,that allows me more to play Fire Decks.
    Im not really sure that my Magmobrant works with Porygons.
    Maybe my Deck, is Tier 1 and a Tier 2 Deck.

    Here is the Decklist:
    3xStantler Lv.28
    3xMagmar Lv.30
    1xMagmar Lv.27 (I think this card can help me against Decks that infected by Special Conditions.
    3xMagmobrant Lv.52
    1xMagmobrant Lv.X
    2xPorygon-Z Lv.54
    3xPorygon 2 (DownloaD)
    3xPorygon lv.7
    10xFire Ergy
    2xScramble Energy
    4xDouble rainbow Energy
    2xNight Maintnance
    4xCelios Network
    2xProf.Oaks Visit(or Team Wager)
    4xPlus Power
    2x Roxannes Research
    1x Prof.Birk (or somehing else)
    2xWarp Point
    1xOaks Research
    1xProf. Rowan ( Im not sure that Oak and Rowan are so good??)
    The Strategy is Simple
    Start with Stantler or a Porygon
    Build on Turn 2 a Porygon 2
    Make so Speedy things Supporter etc,
    And hit with Magmobrant.
    Possible against Empoleon or other hates (to play Porygon Z)

    I Not has tested this Deck.
    But i think its possible to win the nats with it.

    Empoleon is the Horror
    I think its a free Match Loss.
    I rally can hope to get a good Start.

    Bannette Variations

    I think i can good Handle with it.
    Only the problem is the FTKO and the second turns.
    If i can start with Stantler Porygon and Magmar ,it would not be a problem to win easyli.
    Against Blissey its a little bit tricky but handable.


    Mirror Match
    I think in a Mirror with Blaziken Claydol i profit because he play so much Pokemons and my Speed let me begin very Solid.
    What is in a Late Game really Bad.
    (Blaziken Benchen Claydol DBR(OH PORYGON )
    Against Togekiss the matchup look better for me because, we both has the sae strategy .
    Only he is on Enrgy Im on the Speed.
    This Energy is more Lucky based .As than the Speed.
    i think the Chance to win Mirror is

    In this Games i think my Deck is not really Stronge.
    Problem is Telepass and my many Supporters.


    Rogue Decks

    Every Deck can win and lose versus my Magmo.

    I hope everybody understand my English.

    Thx for your help.

    greets Einstein

    Are you cute o you Study physics?
  2. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    Hi Einstein,

    it's me Patrick B. from Switzerland,

    I'd change the Magmobrant to Magmortar... because I don't think the english-speaking people know the german name :smile:

    Ohh yeah and I forgot...
    Empoleon is a winnable match-up because in generall empoleon isn't that fast... so you can set up a big magmortar . And you're deck is very consistent... so it's more like 50-50 if you play it right...
    Last edited: May 28, 2008
  3. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    "I'd change the Magmobrant to Magmortar... because I don't think the english-speaking people know the german name "

    Magmobrandt sounds way cooler. Maybe find room for a Masterball or two?
  4. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Togekiss is much much better than porygon.
  5. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    Anyway, the actual german name is for "Magmortar" is "Magbrant".
  6. Einstein

    Einstein New Member

    @Patrick Thanks for your Answer

    I was not sure that my deck is so fast .:cool:

    In German:Es ist schön das noch ein Schweize hier ist .
    Bis Morgen.
    Habeein DP 4 bestellt .
    Suche noch Fewillige die Prerelease mit mir spielen
    Bekommst 6 Booster GRATIS schreibst auf was du hast ,am schluss gibst du mir die Karten.
    Verschafft allen Vorteile und Spass.
    BOAH diese Booster aufreissen

    @Alaor Some names in German is so cool.

    A Bulbasaur is BISASAM "pissasam"
    Murkrow is Kramurx(kraumurx)
    @No poke
    I really not think so.

    Ok im fair Porygon and Togekiss both are great .
    (I PLAY PORYGON BECAUSE PORYGON LVX ) next season .(Here inSwitzerland)

    @Bizzaro I have here my Card and the Name is MAGMOBRANt not Magbrant ...

    To this Deck...?

    i was experiment with 2-2 Blaziken
    What you mean???????
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