My Deck: The Dirty Bird

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pistolpetepeterson, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. pistolpetepeterson

    pistolpetepeterson New Member

    My deck works super well but i have some problems with getting evolved poke and energy sometimes. i was wondering if someone could give me there oppinion on a improved trainer package. my list is...
    3-2-3 pidgeot---favorite poke...makes the deck the dirty bird. and 50 & switch. before the dark energys fighting resistant
    3-3 water weavile---power, shadow charge,and chip off, no one plays weakness
    3 pachiresu GE---tool killer and basics, need i say more
    and 3-1 Darkrai 40/ X----great for body & 40's attack later on.
    1 moonlight stadium- for D-rai, Patch, sneesul, and pidgy
    1 sidney's PK --for stats
    1 speed for draw--(i need new dice lol):nonono:
    2 mentor- could drop 1 sence i got patch
    3 celeo- might need 1 more
    2 stevens advice PK- for draw--like alot
    2 oaks visit---like might need more
    1 copycat-----new
    2 pokedex--like
    2 night maint.- really like
    2 rare candy- 2 works well
    2 plus puwer. nice for a boost if you cant atach another energy
    1 strenth charm- same as above
    1 warp point- could use another or a switch

    4 spechle dark
    10 basic dark
    1 boost- was thinking of adding another B.dark instead, id just like sugestions for the trainer package.

    the idea is to get patch out frount, and load the bench with 1 d-rai, 2 pidgy and 2 sneesle. use all the draw you can and get the 2 weavile and pidgeots up, power up the pidgeots with spechles and basice minomum of 3 each goal is 5 if possable. if draw dosent find the d-rai X then use a celeo. retrete the patch or sacrafice him to the enemy put up d-rai with at least 1 energy on him. level up and switch out with a pidgeot or weavile if they arnt powered up. shadow charge for 1 or 2 rounds depending on how long it lasts. switch or sacrifice it. and bring up the ott that can do the best dammage, switch out with the other if it takes too much dammage or gets hit by stats. should be a 1 hit ko or a switch with minomum of 90 dammage. it will criple most single heavy hitters. if a spot is open on the bench then power up another ott. if you dont need the extra 10 dammage then make sure to power D-rai X and use him as a last resort. he can do 70 with dual coin flips first round and can come back with 110 second round using the d-rai 40's atack. hit them with weavile if they have alot of cards in there hand
    the record of this deck is exelent, populer decks i have beeten...
    Gardever /Galade
    blissey/ dellcatty
    infernape/ delcatty
    impolion X
    magmortor X
    just to name a few. I came close to beeting an old school Medanite deck with holon engen, raquasa ex, requasa star and lugea ex.--- lost by 1 prize card.
    my win loss depends on who i play and how good they actualy are. There is one person i havent been able to beet often but everyone else falls like a house of cards. tottle win loss would be 75/25 concervitively.
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  2. pistolpetepeterson

    pistolpetepeterson New Member

    sorry to double post but i need advice before states in less then 2 days.... on the trainer package to speed up the evolutions and energy
  3. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    could take out:

    1 Darkria
    1 moonlight stadium- for D-rai, Patch, sneesul, and pidgy
    1 sidney's PK --for stats
    1 speed for draw--(i need new dice lol)
    2 pokedex--like
    1 night maint.- really like
    1 great ball- could loose
    1 dusk ball- only ever used it in emergencys
    2 mentor

    then put in:

    1 Darkria LV.X
    3 Roseannes Research
    1 celio's network
    1 oak's visit
    2 wager
    1 Copycat
    1 rare candy
    1 basic dark

    heres my advice Good luck with the deck
  4. Stratoss

    Stratoss New Member

    Try this:-

    4-3-4 Pidgeot (4 is better than 3 since Pidgeots would be your main offense)
    3-3 Weavile
    2-2 Darkrai / Lv.x
    2 Pachirisu

    4 Celio's Network (maxing this helps get you the pokemon you need faster)
    3 Roseanne's Research (maybe 2 or less since you are planning to run Pachirisu and/or have energy problems; you can replace this with premier balls perhaps if you want to get darkrai lv.x out quickly)
    1 Strength Charm (the handy extra 10 damage to KO a pokemon)
    4 Crystal Beach (works in this deck because you only need 2 to power up a pidgeot and can go against decks that abuse special energy cards)
    2 Professor Oak's Visit
    2 Steven's Advice
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Night Maintenance/ TSD if you have it (TSD is better since you can get pokemons back from the discard pile into your hand straight though you'd have to flip for em)
    1 Castaway (getting the strength charm and supporter you need)
    1 Team Galatic's Wager (refreshing your hand or messing up your opponents hand)

    10 Basic Darkness Energy
    4 Special Darkness Energy

    I used to run a variation of this deck (4 Pidgeots and 4 Weaviles with cessation crystals) so good luck in your states.
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  5. pistolpetepeterson

    pistolpetepeterson New Member

    i modded my list a bit. and if you could explane the reasoning for your sugestions that would be great. (I am stubbern and need to be convinced sometimes)

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    there is 1 day left any other sugestions??
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  6. pistolpetepeterson

    pistolpetepeterson New Member

    Sorry to double post but i was hoping for this deck to improve before reagenals...
    during states i went 1 and 4. i prized my single D-rai X 3 games in a row. odds of that happining are actualy astronomical... i had really bad luck. eventhough i randomized and shuffled really well every time.......
    my other 2 matches i called my opponint on stalling because he took 5 minnits for a simple move. if time was called 30 seconds later for one of the matches it would have been my turn and i would have won in suddin death. the other if 3 moves went by a litle quicker i would have won.

    i was thinking about a cupple changes to my deck first
    adding a 1-1 dp1 weavile for its single energy attack of serching my deck for any single card and put it in my hand, and its second attack of 10x the number of dark energy on all my pokemon. i think it is a good enough reason dont you??
    second a 1-0-1 togikiss with an extra rare candy. basicly for its power and if i need him to attack.
    third i was going to add a second D-rai X in place of a original D-rai just so i dont prize it again.
    forth i was finding that i have very bad draw and evolution search.. i need some modding done to my trainer package for this any sugestions??
  7. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    try this for your trainer list. also, drop the boost for another baisic dark

    2 moonlight stadium
    1 sidney's
    2 Roseanes
    3 celio
    2 steven
    3 oak visit
    2 night maint.
    3 rare candy
    2 pluspower
    1 str charm
    1 warp point
    1 switch
    1 copy cat

    btw peter this is mike, not my dad. Im to lazy to switch accounts =P. Try this list out if your going to battle roads. I wish you luck.

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  8. pistolpetepeterson

    pistolpetepeterson New Member

    i messaged your dads account... i hope this will help... im looking to take a top cut in the turny :)
  9. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    pigeot is a better tech than main offense. darkrai or even weavile should be.
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