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    I get up at 6 and get in the David’s car at 6:20. I went with David Marquardt, Drew Holton, Sam and Zack Bittinger, Drew’s father and David’s mother. It was a pretty tight fit. We stop at burger king about half way there and I think I‘m the only one who doesn‘t get cini-minis. We get there around 9:30, and I have to borrow some cards. I get 3 reporters and a blaziken from Fulop, 1 ray and 3 dragon’s torchics from Drew, and 1 torchic from Sam. Here is the decklist:

    3xcombuskan-r/s 70HP
    2xray EX

    2xwarp point
    2xrare candy


    This version has a high level of consistency. I feel that consistency is more important than teching a certain card for certain matches. Drew ran blaz/tails, David ran blaz/ray, Sam ran Fulop’s kingdraEX/hariyama deck, and Zack ran sceptile. There were 35 people total. About 10 10-, 10 11-14, and 15 15+. Here are the rounds; I’m bad with names, so I have forgotten some.

    Round 1- vs. Sean (can’t remember last name) w/ illegal deck
    He is playing beat-up, sleeveless cards. He sets out 4 basics: a genesis totodile and 3 team rocket magnemites. I call the judge and get a game win. Most of his deck was illegal. 1-0

    Round 2- vs. Joel Dixon w/ ampharos
    I go 2nd, a trend that would continue until the finals. He literally got every flip in this game. He starts out getting 2 heads on a dual ball to get 2 marreeps. I get an ok, but not great, start. Turn 2 he has a delcatty and 1of each amp on the bench. Turn 3 he switches and kills my dunsparce with amp EX. All this time he is continuing to reporter, juggler, and delcatty. I send up sacrificial 50HP basics 2 more, which he gets heads to kill them all. I eventual get a ray EX up and kill him. He sends out a wobbafet and crystal shards to kill my ray. I send blaz up and beat down, then he retreats and gets another amp ex after a turn. He flips a tails with its attack, if he flips heads, I retreat and kill it with ray, but no. I can oracle for a switch next turn to kill the amp if he flips another tails, but he flips a heads to pick up his last prize. I am ****** that I lost on complete flips. 1-1

    Round 3 vs. some lady (forgot name) w/ dustox/wobbafet
    I get a slow start, but think that I have it won since dustox is weak to fire. It comes out, but its weak to psychic. I eventually kill her through the barrage of healing that she uses. I end the game with 4 blazikens out. 2-1

    Now its time for the lunch break. I dislike lunch breaks anyways and this one lasts over an hour. During the time I play football w/ Drew, David, and Zack, and I play some poker with Drew and Ray.

    Round 4 vs. some other lady (forgot name again) w/ BAR
    I think that she is playing a bad version of the deck, because her first 3 energy attachments are lightnings on a ray EX. She gets a blaz out with no fire in the discard and I just kill her with blaz. 3-1

    Round 5 vs. James Davis w/ Muk EX/ espeon
    This is a very close game. He gets a 2nd turn muk EX and nearly gets an early win as he kills a combuskan and gets 60 damage on a ray before I kill it. I then stabilize with a dunsparce to get blaziken and delcatty out. He gets a 2nd muk EX and I kill it with my ray to have that killed by an espeon, which I kill in a few turns. I eventually pick up my last prize. 4-1

    Round 6 vs. Chris Fulop w/ blaz/tails/ray
    I figure out that the top 7 people only have to draw to get in. Ironically, we are the only people that actually do draw in. 4-1-1

    After waiting 30 minutes for the t8 to be announced, I am in 6th place, to be playing Jim Ferrell. Then there is a software problem and I wait, half falling asleep, for another 1.5 hours. The problem was that someone had 6 wins and 6 losses. At least everyone got a free pack for being patient.

    Top 8 vs. Jim Ferrell w/ blaz/ray
    We both get pretty good setups. I get a blaz up that kills his dunsparce, which is killed by his ray, then I get another blaz up and start beating. He can’t seem to find a 2nd blaziken and stalls for a bit. He kills my blaz w/ ray and I kill his ray with my catty. Prizes are 4-2 in favor of me and that disables his 2nd ray, which would be killed by my ray. I pile up the bench damage on him and get a warp point for the win.

    Top 4 vs. little kid (think his last name was Dilisle, not sure) w/ kingdra/hariyama
    This kid was undefeated during swiss. We both get dunsparce starts and he shamans to mess up my god hand. He paralyzes mine 3 turns in a row and gets a turn 3 kingdra EX. I might have lost this to a good player, as I had no setup, but he just attacks with dunsparce. I get blaziken up to kill it, he gets up a horsea which reverse thrusts a couple times, with me killing 50 HP basics, then he reverse thrusts and sends out kingdra EX, which I just kill with my ray EX, which has been waiting for a few turns. I just kill everything else with blaziken.

    Finals vs. James Davis w/ Muk Ex/espeon.
    For the first time in the day, I actually go first. He really gets no setup at all and I kill his 50 HP pokes with a blaziken.

    So I won the tourney. I got a box, medal, and the VIP package. Drew finished 4-2, David finished 3-3, but got screwed out of a win because he signed the match sheet wrong or something. Sam and Zack were both 2-4 I think. Chris and Jim were 5-8, and ray was 3-3.

    The car ride home is pretty fun, we do a draft with my dragons packs that I get a 6-4-2 salamence line in. We never play though, as its too dark and that would be difficult with the seating arrangement. We stop at McDonald’s and I get $5 worth of stuff off of the dollar menu. The whole trip was pretty fun. I’ll also be at the Parma CC as York is only 5 minutes from me.

    To me for winning
    To everyone that let me borrow cards
    To David’s mother for driving and Drew’s father for coming also
    To the TO’s and judges

    To Nintendo’s terrible software
    To my terrible flip luck
    To only going first once the whole day
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    cool, congrats. Lookin like Blaze/Ray is still the deck to beat, heh.

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