my double tourny weakened report for BR,GO team watamelon!!

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Viva piñata, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    hello gym memebers i just finally put up my report after im done for the day and heres my first report from sat. at heros in arizona!!

    im playing gg today and 5 rounds top cut to 2 in seniours so here we go....

    1st roundGGvs.salemance/togekiss
    Now i know this seems strange but gallade would be to a point aa bad match up to kiss sal but i went so aggro with gallade that game anfd soniced any time i got the chance and also noticed he had no cyrstal beach or wind so i took advantage with my battle fronteir in that game lol.
    1-0 bo ya:biggrin:

    2nd round GGvs.GGcounter:eek:
    so the thing is i get horrible set ups against him and lose horribly case closed...
    1-1:nonono:now looks like no hope for top cut

    3rd roundGGbvs.darkrai sand slash
    well i get a good start with my claydol rready to go for a gardy when he goes and use quick ball gets a basic and shuffles then i relize he has no prizes set out fiddlesticks i got acoution and no points so i get auto win in there:nonono:

    4th round GGvs.ggsol but was facing a jr.
    he gets sol start hits a couple trainers and gets 3 prizes but come back with agro gallade for the win ya.

    5th round GGvs.glaceon cressilia
    well what i thought was go agro with gallade but after i did that i got koed by a cressy lv.up and went down kinda close but totally came back with gardy for the win.
    4-1 :rolleyes:
    wait couple min find out my freind tht plays the gg counter gets top so just have to wait and see if i get in with him two min later they tell us and its me and my freind so yes i get top cut again!!:smile:

    top cut me vs anth.ggvs. gg cough counter cough
    1st round
    this match goes out long but gets me with his gardy in hand boo 0-1
    2nd round
    i start to draw my 7 cards and this is what i get
    1st card ralts pretty good a basic
    2nd rare candy gettin better
    3rd card rare candy hmm could come in handy
    4th card gardy x save it for t\later
    5th card nother rare candy now im mad:mad:
    6th card phycic energy yes at least i can attack now all i need is gardy or roseannes ...
    7th card... RARE CANDY ftw??? :eek:nooo ill try to come back but he starts with ralts attach to ralts smack does 20 to me next turn rare candy gardy with double rainbow for the win i lose
    nooooo oh wel ill try tomarow.

    Next day i go into mesa to gamers inn in az before that i quick my whole deck and add stuff in to make it faster and better and hers how my gg deck held...
    with 4 rounds in senoirs and a cut to 2

    1st round GGvs.some weird stareter deck./?????
    okay he starts with pika from md i start with sentret
    next turn furret get rare candy ralts with gallade in hand so hi s turn drops 4 eevee to hi bench ??? okay use quick attack or somethin gets heads mine rare candy gallade why didnt see that coming lol double rainbow use keen eye to get rare xcandy gardy with a prized ralts i would get shortly and to speed this up i got out a gallade gardy claydol blast and got the win.
    1-0 baby

    2nd round GGvs.RoCk BaNd!!
    well to make this sort two cuz went over time cuz of him stalling out histurns get 3 koes with gallade and gardy and the n he gets one then time goes he ended his turn and i get the win yaaa

    3rd round GGvs.rockband??? what tha another bedrill deck
    well this was strange but hey he was 2-0 i was 2-0 so this would consider alot.
    so we start i gor agro gallde he makes alot of mistakes and i get the win.ya!!

    4th and final roundGGvs.kabutops with power locksy
    well i know the other day i faced this deck for fun it came down to one prize eackh an di pull the cyclone swichrooo on him for the win with gallade.
    so this match came down down to us being the only 3-0 people cuz of him have a bye fisrt round for those who would wounder??
    so i get get agro with gallade again and sorda gardy for sonics to the tops and then pull pro top decks. for the win!!!
    woot woot 4-0 gurenteed top cut so i go and organize then get a deck check

    TOP CUT me vs. the kabutops again nooo i hate this match up=(
    1st game he goes dome use the body for kabuto then does 20 +10 cuz of my sentret next turn he goes tops for the lock and my go i draw a rosy but he locked my trainer nooo so he gets over kill next urn booo0-1 just like yesterday
    2nd round he starts the same cycle dome for the kabuto trys zapdos but fail then i have a ralts with rare candy gallade an ddouble in hand i actually come back for the win with agro gardy who knew???
    3rd final round i get the same set up except do rare candy gardy and start to phy lock him downt to nothing he come back with a ko with tops wit me having a double with phycic on a kirlia and so i bring that up hoping for a top deck pro gardy or gallade and what do ya know gallade use gallade to ko the tops then he goeas agro with zapdos and while hwe sits and hurts his own bench set up a gardy for the lv.x to bring down the rest for the game and do.yesssssssss i finally win my first spring 08 Br instead of topping in the last two to get in 2nd
    yes now time for a double props and slops...

    team watamelon woot for making a huge blowout this past couple of weaks
    dei dei for making 5-0 with fly ex delta in masters
    ashley for pwning with my garech skittles for the win that sat.
    brandon for beating two gg decks in a row but losing to ine tehe lo
    phill for making top
    capelli getting two br wins
    susane for doing so good at sewing poke plushes froo froo skittly yaaa:lol:
    icmn for winng another br lol
    me for doing top cut in evry br yet
    and of course all the juges for running a fantastic batlle road wekened:thumb:
    and for me finally getting a gallade plush,thanks lugias realm

    flygons come back dyning=(
    for me not dyning my hair when evry one else did lol
    me for forgetting to see if my opp. had prizes out yet
    rock band doing so horribly boo
    saw only one eevee deck today booo on that two need to see more
    oh ya and for draz not showing lol 50 bucks isnt bad for gaslolololool

    and thats it for right now ill think of more props and slops later and will be back hopefully next wekened for the finall br in az ..will i get top cut again well see lol
    and thanks for taking the time to read my
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2008
  2. mudkipmaster

    mudkipmaster New Member

    lol, good job Dustin! You should dye your hair next weekend:thumb:
  3. piñata

    piñata New Member

    Lol nice job 2day

    I beat desmonds record I built that deck right before sign ups lol
  4. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    tell me who you are so I can savagely destroy you. LOL

    Yay for Susan and his wonderful smelling plushies. Rico broke one of them though! :eek:

    Oh yeah, good job to you too I guess, haha jk jk. Good job, I thought you'd get in 2nd ALL THE TIME.
  5. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    omg not thwe plushies nooooooooo maybe ill dye my hair blonde lolololololololololol
  6. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    ew, plz don't. D:

    his plushies smelt so good. But the milotic smelt like dei's house, it was odd.
  7. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    lolololool 0_o aaaaaa thats weird ?????but i want the froo froo skitty
    oh and thanks mudkip master today was very fun and no meaness out of a certain juge cough mudkio cough cough.whattttt
    abd thanks icmn you did great twonow dont drop the cyclone and bring up electrode lol
  8. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    It seriously looks like no one knows how to play RockBand up aren't supposed to win against it most of the time let alone 2 rounds in a row lol

    But mad props for doing so well in BRs you're doing a lot better than everybody in your division. Keep up the good work!

    Boo for putting me in slops dude. You try affording 50 bucks for gas after already having to go up there 3 times (having ICMN in the car burns extra gas lol), and having to pay for school and rent and food next year without a job. Oh that's right your mom pays for everything you little...:nonono:
  9. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:i was just kidding though but it was funny and anthony was playng better than me so but im coming back.
    and the people playing rockband was drew and brandon lol.
  10. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    Nice report Dustin! Congrats on your win too!!

    Yes dye your hair....sooooooooo kewl!!
  11. evil umbreon

    evil umbreon New Member

    i hate beadrill grrrrrrr
  12. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    ya sorry spookes cant go this weekened so no hair dye=(
  13. evil umbreon

    evil umbreon New Member

    y noi all well i get to test a deck with no one to b a challenge darn lol jk jk
  14. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    You may be very surprised to see who will be playing in Seniors this Sunday. :)
  15. evil umbreon

    evil umbreon New Member

    o yay well i am gonna b in town sooo ya we can do that thing lol =) 4 someone being compitition=)

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