My first deck, GarchompaMite

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Sweetumz4Prez08, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Sweetumz4Prez08

    Sweetumz4Prez08 New Member

    1 sentret
    1 furrett
    2 magnemite pk
    2 magneton pk
    4 absol sw
    4 gible
    2 gabite
    4 garchomp

    2 Steven's Advice
    4 Roseanne's Research
    4 Mr. Stone's Project
    2 Castaway
    2 Leftovers
    4 Team Galactic's Mars
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Crystal Beach

    Energy: 16
    1 Fighting
    4 Psychic
    4 Water
    4 Lightning
    2 Darkness
    1 Fire

    "Trying to disrupt and gain card advantage with absol/mars; thin out energy/fuel chomp and mite with roseanne's, stone's and castaways"

    I haven't played any leagues or tourney's yet, advice is sorely needed.
  2. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    I know you stated that you wanted some disruption, but you really need consistancy more. Here are my suggestions. If you really want to keep the Absols then just don't add Pachi or Stanler. You really need Claydol to bounce back from a TGW loss.

    -1 sentret
    -1 furrett
    -4 absol
    +2 Baltoy
    +2 Claydol
    +4 Pachi or Stanler

    -4 Mr. Stone's Project
    +4 Bebe's Search
    -2 Left Overs
    -2 Castaway
    +1 Steven Advice
    +2 Night Maintenance
    -1 Team Galactic's Mars

    +1 Fighting
    -1 Psychic
    -1 Water
    -2 Lightning
    +3 Boost
  3. Sweetumz4Prez08

    Sweetumz4Prez08 New Member

    cool, thank you for the advice I'll give it a shot.
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