My first modified format deck! :D

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by scizorulz87, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. scizorulz87

    scizorulz87 New Member

    Yay! :D I've finally converted from "old-school" unlimited rules (GASP, Sneasel and Slowking were allowed!) and made the transition to modified format.

    3 Eevee SS #63
    2 Umbreon AQ #41
    4 Poochyena R/S (With Knock Off)
    3 Mightyena R/S #10
    2 Nosepass R/S
    3 Natu SK (looking at silver spheres)
    2 Xatu SK (Warp Hole)

    1 TV
    3 Oak's Reasearch
    3 E. Recycle System
    4 :pokeball:
    3 Moo-Moo Milk
    3 Copycat
    2 Elm's T. Method
    2 TV Reporter
    2 Oracle

    4 Darkness R/S
    3 Rainbow R/S
    8 Psychic
    3 Cyclone
  2. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    i would like to help you, but first i need to know what pokemon you like here the most is it the umbreon for its power? or the mightenya? or do you want to maybe go a little ol' school HaYmAkEr on people? make your mind up and post back and i will have something special for you :D :D
  3. scizorulz87

    scizorulz87 New Member

    Mightyena and Umbreon Stay
    Thats all.

    EDIT: Haymaker sounds good.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2004
  4. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Hmmm, I say drop Nosepass, and Zatu line... Thats 7 Pokemon... now add 2 Lunatone, 2 Solrock, 2 Dunsparce and 1 Girafarig. That gives you plenty of Basics to pack a wallop.

    Drop 1 Poochyena for a Espeon from SS. Nice little bugger there.

    Drop Pokeball, and make them either Master or Fast balls. Fast balls are auto Eeveelutions or Mightyena. dont rely your search for a flip... to inaccurate. i would drop the Energy Recycles for 1 Fisherman, and 2 more Reporter, then make the Elms training Oracles. This will max both to 4, which is greatness.... IMO

    Lastly make 2 Psy into Fighting for Solrock.
  5. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    ah well, cant do the haymaker that i was planing with the mighy and umby in there, but something better is in store, o yes it is. ok here we go

    for pokemon
    drop (10)

    2 pochenya
    1 Mightyenya
    2 Nosepass R/S
    3 Natu SK (looking at silver spheres)
    2 Xatu SK (Warp Hole)


    1 umbreon
    4 grimmer
    3 MukEX
    4 dunsparce
    and turn the umbreon it the holo ones from skyrige

    if you havent guessed im turning this ito a muk Ex deck. This one is gona be a little interesting because you want to keep the migtheyenya. If you havent heard about the new MukEX decks, the basic way to play it is to use the umbreon (the holo one from skyrige) to do basicaly the same thing as muck Ex when he is active. The dark pokemon also cover the pysic weekness of muk VERY well. and dunspace is almost a must in EVERY deck now adays (ironic hu? who da thought that the sparce and the wobb would become staples LOL :rolleyes: ) anyway, now onto the trainers, where you need the most help

    ok id hate to say it, but drop EVERYTHING so we can have a clean slate to start over


    4 oaks research ( i like the standard 4-3 with these draw cards)
    3 copycat

    4 Proffesor elms training method (well you need evo searching, so its either oracle, PETM, fastball, or waynut, and i think that PETM works best here)

    1 TownV (staple)
    3 potion (you could use moo moo milk, if you like fliping, up to you)

    2 switch (staple)

    2 crystal shard ( ITS A MUST HAVE, against decks like BAR and other dragons)

    3 Powercharge (will get your dark, and muli nrg back)

    1 lp stadium (you need a defalt stadium, so give muk the +10 hp while your at it)

    ok, now onto the nrg,

    8 grass
    4 dark

    ok so lets look at a finnal deck list

    Pokemon-21 ( with 13 basics)

    4 dunsparce
    4 grimmer
    3 MukEX
    3 Eevee SS #63
    3 Umbreon (skyrige holo)
    2 Poochyena R/S (With Knock Off)
    2 Mightyena R/S #10

    Trainers-22 (11 suporters)

    4 oaks research
    3 copycat
    4 Proffesor elms training method
    1 TownV
    3 potion
    2 switch
    2 crystal shard
    3 Powercharge
    1 lp stadium


    8 grass
    4 dark

    should work out good for you, just always try to have 2 muk Ex out, incase of warp point and watch out for gardyEX he can give you some problems, hope you like it :D :D
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