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  1. roaringforest

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    Chapter one:
    A pokemon in the deep woods

    My name is Blaze, as a child I have never seen a pokemon. I have never heard a pokemon, I have never known of pokemon. I have turned eleven, and my life canged.

    I had walked into a forest with my friend X, and I told my mom we would explore the deeper woods. Like usual she lectured me, told me to BE CAREFUL. We explored tree to tree as we got there, the forest was just outside our house in the small town of only 4 houses, we explored trying to look for interesting plants. I stopped walking once I saw a dark blur behind a tree with what looked like jagged bells in its hair. With black outer layers and floating off the ground. Under it's arm was what looked like a floating blanket with eyes and a black spike ontop its purpleish-black head.

    I quickly backed away from this thing once I saw it, at the same time I yanked X back. This in front of me was a POKEMON. The Thing saw me when I stepped back and dropped on a long stick of wood, the Thing waved its arms and I was becoming dizzy and confused, seconds later I passed out, along with X!!!

    Chapter two:
    The hollow tree
    I awoke suddenly in a pile of leaves, uncomfortably I sat up, scraping leaves off my shirt and pants. I looked around, to see the strange object, glaring frightened of me. What should I do? I was trapped in an enclosed space, it was a brown circle enclosing me. With an itch in my head I scratched to find an insect like figure. In my hand was a worm like figure with a horn and big eyes. I shook it off and screamed, X stared at me, and I stared at him.

    I tried to escape by ramming into the outside. By the feel, I realized I was in a tree, and looked under me to see a narrow hole. I told X to follow me through, unaware of what may lie beyond. Halfway through the hole I reallized the floating sheet was following me, so I told X to speed up and get through as I sped up to. We sped through the hole and ended up in the deep woods. I ran trying to get home, scared half to death. I looked back seeing it, and ran farther. X slowed down and told me to follow the sheet, obviusly it was trying to take us somewhere. It wasn't trying to hurt us, so I agreed.
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  2. meditite rox

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    Just wondering, but what kind of name is X?
  3. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    The chapter is a bit short and nondescriptive, but at least the grammar is okay.
  4. roaringforest

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    I'll make the the chapters longer. That was a short one cause of were the ending was
  5. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Chapter two was only two lines long...

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