My Have/Want list w/ Fossil Mew, 1/e Ivy Pikachu, and MORE!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Aer0blade, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. Aer0blade

    Aer0blade New Member

    This is my big haves's the result of 5 years of playing Pokemon, and looking through it, you can just see the memories and decks I've made over those 5 years ;_;. Things to note are the 1st Edition Ivy Pikachu, the Fossil Mew, and the 2 Dark Raichu. Most of these are NOT mint, as they've been played/used/etc. However, some ARE mint, and those are typically the rarer ones...Mew, Raichus, etc. Only foils are listed.


    Base Set:
    -1x Charizard
    -4x Nidoking
    -2x Venusaur
    -2x Machamp (1 1/e, 1 JPN)
    -2x Hitmonchan
    -1x Alakazam
    -2x Mewtwo
    -2x Chansey
    -1x Ninetales
    -2x Blastoise
    -2x Gyarados
    -2x Zapdos
    -1x Magneton
    -1x Clefairy

    -2x Venomoth
    -1x Clefable (No Jungle Symbol)
    -2x Kangaskahn
    -1x Snorlax
    -1x Pidgeot
    -3x Wigglytuff
    -1x Victreebel
    -1x Scyther

    -2x Lapras
    -3x Muk
    -2x Haunter
    -1x Dragonite
    -3x Ditto (1 JPN)
    -1x Mew (JAPANESE!)<-------
    -1x Articuno

    Base Set 2:
    -1x Charizard
    -3x Poliwrath
    -1x Blastoise
    -1x Magneton
    -1x Mewtwo
    -1x Scyther
    -3x Chansey
    -1x Wigglytuff

    -1x Dark Blastoise
    -2x Dark Raichu <-------
    -1x Dark Magneton (JPN)
    -1x Dark Golbat
    -2x Rainbow Energy
    -3x Rocket's Sneak Attack

    Gym Heroes:
    -2x Brock's Ninetales (Both JPN)
    -1x Misty's Tentacruel
    -2x Misty's Seadra (1 JPN)
    -1x Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (JPN)
    -2x Erika's Vileplume (JPN)
    -1x Rocket's Scyther
    -1x Rocket's Hitmonchan (JPN)
    -2x Sabrina's Gengar (1 JPN)
    -2x Erika's Clefable (1 1/e)
    -3x Erika's Dragonair (1 JPN)
    -1x Lt. Surge's Fearow
    -1x Brock's Rhydon
    -2x Misty
    -1x Erika
    -1x Lt. Surge
    -1x The Rocket's Trap

    Gym Challenge:
    -2x Rocket's Zapdos (Both JPN)
    -2x Blaine's Arcanine
    -2x Misty's Golduck
    -1x Giovanni's Machamp
    -3x Sabrina's Alakazam
    -2x Rocket's Mewtwo
    -1x Koga
    -1x Koga's Ditto

    Neo Genesis:
    -5x Feraligatr (3 JPN, All downpour)
    -1x Ampharos (1/e)
    -1x Heracross
    -1x Jumpluff
    -2x Bellossom (1 1/e)
    -3x Meganium (2 JPN Wild Growth, 1 1/e Herbal Scent)
    -4x Slowking (1 JPN)
    -3x Steelix
    -2x Skarmory (1 1/e, 1 JPN)
    -4x Metal Energy
    -1x Lugia
    -1x Pichu

    Neo Discovery:
    -1x Kabutops
    -1x Smeargle
    -1x Tyranitar
    -2x Houndoom

    Neo Revelations:
    -1x Shining Gyarados
    -1x Shining Magikarp
    -2x Ho-oh
    -1x Ampharos (JPN)
    -1x Crobat
    -4x Misdreavous
    -1x Houndoom
    -1x Celebi

    Neo Destiny:
    -1x Dark Feraligatr
    -2x Shining Raichu
    -1x Dark Ampharos
    -2x Dark Gengar
    -1x Shining Mewtwo
    -2x Dark Scizor
    -2x Light Dragonite
    -1x Miracle Energy

    -1x Charizard
    -1x Magby
    -1x Poliwrath (Reverse)
    -1x Blastoise
    -1x Cloyster (JPN, 1/e)
    -2x Raichu (1 Foil, 1 Reverse)
    -2x Venusaur (Both Reverse)
    -2x Machamp (Both Reverse)
    -1x Alakazam
    -1x Dragonite
    -1x Clefable
    -1x Fearow

    -1x Ninetales
    -1x Entei
    -1x Arcanine
    -2x Tentacruel
    -1x Octillery
    -1x Lanturn (Reverse MISPRINT) <-------
    -3x Ampharos (2 Foil, 1 Reverse)
    -2x Vileplume (1 Reverse, 1 Foil)
    -1x Ariados
    -1x Hypno
    -1x Nidoking (Crystal)
    -1x Kingdra (Crystal)
    -1x Magneton
    -1x Tyranitar
    -1x Steelix
    -2x Scizor (1 Reverse, 1 Foil)
    -1x Warp Energy (Reverse)
    -1x Furret (Reverse)

    Promos/Assorted Stuff:
    1x Entei (JPN)
    1x Marril (JPN SI)
    1x Ledyba (JPN SI)
    1x Mew (JPN SI)
    1x Primeape (JPN SI)
    1x Tentacruel (JPN SI)
    1x Prerelease Aerodactyl (Bad condition =/)
    4x Prerelease Misty's Seadra
    5x Prerelease Dark Gyarados
    1x Pichu (JPN)
    1x Slowking (JPN)
    3x Ancient Mew
    1x Mew (Black Star 8)
    3x Mew (Foil, Black Star 9)
    1x Pikachu (Black Star 4)
    2x Mewtwo (Black Stars 3, 14)
    1x Scizor (Black Star 33)
    5x Pikachu (Black Star 1)
    1x Pikachu (Black Star 1, ___1/e___) <-------
    2x Electabuzz (Black Star 2)
    1x Dragonite (Black Star 5)
    4x Arcanine (Black Star 6)
    5x Computer Error (Black Star 16)
    4x Team Rocket's Meowth (Black Star 18)
    1x Surfing Pikachu (Black Star 28)
    1x Smeargle (Black Star 32)
    2x Igglybuff (Black Star 36)
    1x Misdreavous (Black Star 39)
    1x Marril (Black Star 29)
    1x Cool Porygon (JPN)

    Also, I've got TONS of viable commons and rares, almost anything you could need. Playsets of Oak, Lass, Comp. Search, Sneasel, Elm, Trader, Breeder, etc. Just ask for something, I probably have it.

    Now for my reasonably short want list...there's not much I want in Pokemon, since we're still waiting for formats. Thusly, it's almost all Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Money *************
    Xx Ring of Destruction *****
    Xx Don Zaloog ****
    2x Torrential Tribute ****
    Packs of Sleeves *
    Xx Needle Worm, TP1 Mechanical Chaser, Morphing Jar #1 (=/) *****
    3x Dark Necrofear **
    2x Reinforcement of the Army ***
    1x Marauding Captain **
    Xx Yata-Garasu ***
    Xx Imperial Order ***
    2x Gemini Elf ***
    2x Guardian Sphinx ***
    ANYTHING Magician's Force and Foil *****
    Xx Raigeki *
    2x Mewtwo EX *

    ***** highest wants, * lowest.

    If something's not on my want list, just ask if I might be interested in it. If it's shiny and Yu-Gi-Oh, I probably will =/. Don't give me blatantly stupid offers, please.

    Email - [email protected]

    I have no refs, so I'll be sending first, but I ask that you please have 3+ refs before posting here unless you give me a blatantly huge offer =/, and even then, who knows...
  2. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    I don't know if you'd want it, but I've a Holo Sabrina and like Shining Raichu and Shining Mewtwo, just one of them (or both if you want ;) )
    LMK if this is O.K.
  3. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    Hey, i'm interested in your dark feraligatr and your crystal nidoking and crystal kingdra (if they are not reverse holo). I have 2 sealed packs of yugioh fitted sleeves (60 per pack, gold) for trade. I could trade those and like 1 or 2 yugioh holos for these 3. LMK so we can set something up.
  4. Aer0blade

    Aer0blade New Member

    Fawkes: No, sorry.

    Light Venusaur: I really only need one of the packs of gold, if that's cool. What foils do you have available? Both crystals are not reverse foil.
  5. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    Hmm I could really use that 1/e Ivy PIka...I've got 2 Mewtwo EX to offer...what amount of sleeves/money would be required in addition? (Or you could check my have/want list for other pokemon you might need)
  6. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    I have these:

    Thousand Dragon MRD
    Barrel Dragon (messed up)
    Relinquished 1/e SDP
    Fire Princess
    Jar of Greed
    Revival Jam
    Black Illusion Ritual 1/e MRL
    Penguin Soldier 1/e
    Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
    Riryoku Field
    Gryphon Wing 1/e
    De fusion
    Garnecia Elefantis
    Toon World

    That's about it. I also have lots of rares and commons. LMK
  7. Aer0blade

    Aer0blade New Member

    SoSlow: I'll have to get back to you on MIGHT be going to someone else right now, I'm not quite sure.

    Light: Barrel and Fire Princess, plus the sleeves, for the crystals and dark feral? I'm assuming the Barrel is still somewhat playable.
  8. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    yes, the barrel is in one piece, and when you put it in a sleeve, you don't even notice it's bad. I'll PM you the info later tonight. Thanks for the trade!
  9. Malik

    Malik New Member

    Hi I have a 1/e Reinforcement of the Army,could I get these 4 RHs for it?

    Aquapolis RH Scizor #32
    Aquapolis RH Ampharos #1
    Aquapolis RH Vileplume #43
    Aquapolis RH Lanturn #20(maybe not)

    please lmk if you accept!
  10. CoolTrader

    CoolTrader New Member

    I have one or two Ex mewtwos you need there. I'm interested in your 1st ed herbal scent meganium or the ivy pikachu (how bad of condition is it?)

    BTW, You woudent happen to have any 1st ed rares, uncommons and commons now would ya? I'm looking for everything 1st ed
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2003

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