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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by blazing_scyther, Oct 29, 2003.

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  1. blazing_scyther

    blazing_scyther New Member

    its not quite complete yet but here it is all (!)means highly wanted:

    my wants:

    sandstorm growlithe(3)(!)
    sandstorm arcaine(2)(!)
    sandstorm eevee(3)(!)
    sandstorm jolteon(1)(!)
    sandstorm aggron ex(1)(!)
    metal energys(any set r/s prefered)(2)(!)
    r/s manectric (holo)(1)
    r/s electrike (#53)(1)
    sandstorm zangoose(1)
    sandstorm kecleon(2)
    sandstorm aron (2)
    sandstorm lairon(1)

    ok that about does it for wants now haves

    my haves

    team rocket dark golbat 1RST ED.
    r/s swampert (natural remady)
    jungle flareon
    neo destany light azumarril(holo)
    promo #8 mew
    neo descovary espeon
    r/s reverse holo lady outing
    neo destany light arcaine (holo)
    fossl gengar
    fossl hypno
    promo #38 unown j
    jungle clefable (holo)
    promo #23 zapdos
    expedition tyranitar (dark aura)
    jungle vaporeon(holo)
    fossl muk
    reverse holo expedition clefable
    neo destany light machamp
    fossl dragonite
    neo revoltion ho-oh (color less)
    base set devolution spray
    base set alakazam (holo)

    well thats all for now i'm new to this place so i dont have a lot of good trades i've done because i've only done two:
    procastionason alley (sorry cant spell)
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