My Haves... No specific wants...

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by johnznothere, Sep 15, 2003.

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  1. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    I Have


    Kabutops Holo Fossil





    Scyther Holo Jungle

    Hypno Non Holo Fossil


    Pidgeot Non Holo Jungle

    Pidgeotto Base Set


    Hitmonchan Holo Base

    Hitmonlee Non Holo Fossil

    Alakazam Base set holo

    Lapras Non holo Fossil

    Aerodactyl Non Holo Fossil

    Buried Fossil

    Dark Tyrannitar

    That's about it...
    If you read the whole list, GREAT! If not, READ!
  2. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    I guess NOBODY WANTS TO TRADE WITH ME... i know my cards suck... oh well... im not interested in buying cards... just trading...
  3. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    i'm still interested in slaking, but your asking too much for it. if you make a deal thats fair, i would trade. LMK
  4. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    I like these:

    Dark Tyranitar

    What would you like? And have you traded yet?
  5. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    nope i havent and I really want a Camerupt real bad! or any holo r/s pokemon (besides ex pokemon and starter deck and slaking...) and the dark tyrannitar isnt in real PERFECT condition... if you know what i mean...

    but if you want i want a Delcatty or a Gardevoir holo
  6. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    are you interested in reverse holos? I have about 9-10, but they are in pretty good condition (not good enough for my collection)?
  7. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    are they originally holos? if yes, COUNT ME IN!
  8. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    i don't think they were originally holo, but I have a sceptile the rare version which is good also. I could trade that and something else, like donphan RH or a rare or two from r/s.
  9. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    All Right Now You're Talkin' ! What You Want For Sceptile????
  10. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    oh yeah... and i really need any one of those crystal type Pokemon... and i know they're fricking rare and nobody wants to trade them with me... but i really want them badly!
  11. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    the sceptile I have is w/energy trans. Umm, I'll trade that and a rare or something for the slaking if you want. Also, I don't have any crystal pokemon (i wish i did).

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