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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Magnor, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. Magnor

    Magnor New Member



    4x Oran Berry
    4x Onix
    4x Natu
    4x Xatu
    2x Wobbuffet
    1x TV Reporter
    1x Professor Birch
    2x Wally's Training
    2x Lanettes Net Search
    4x Energy Search
    2x Metal Energy
    4x Rainbow Energy



    H Crawdaunt
    H Grumpig
    H Torkoal
    H Plusle
    RHH (Reverse Holo Holo) Swampert
    RHH Dustox
    RH Crawdaunt
    RH Salamence
    RH Donphan
    3x Skarmory
    4x Girafarig
    4x Dragonair
    H Lunatone
    H Charmeleon
    RH Skarmory
    RH Shelgon

    I will only accept accept Chansey EX :) Or other good cards....From

    Golem EX
    Sneasel EX
    Muk EX
    Kingdra EX
    Hitmonchan EX

    Cash only
    You send first, but PM me so we can make a deal. I will send once I recieve Cards.

    *I also have various Yu-Gi-Oh and MTG cards (all green cards) if anyone is interested. Trade them for alot of holos or a ton of rares, or, better yet, EX pokemon!
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2004
  2. Haur

    Haur New Member

    I got these:


    2x Onix
    4x Natu
    1x Xatu
    2x Wobbuffet
    1x TV Reporter
    1x Professor Birch
    1x Wally's Training
    1x Lanettes Net Search
    4x Energy Search
    2x Rainbow Energy



    H Crawdaunt
    H Grumpig
    H Torkoal
    H Plusle
    H Lunatone
    H Charmeleon

    Golem EX
    Sneasel EX
    Muk EX
    Kingdra EX
    Hitmonchan EX

  3. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    I'll sell you the EX's for 80 bucks...All of the and I'll throw in a couple of holos at random for the others. 2 holos or 3 rares, k? Or maybe a reverse holo holo? I'll also sell the normal holos for ummm...lets see...another 80 bucks. or we could go from there.

    I also have a few old cards, like baase set 1 thru team rocket. I got a badly bruised balstoise, the foil on it is scratched up, and some other rares. I'll trade all my old cards for 50+ dollars.
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  4. Victor

    Victor New Member


    I can trade Roselia(dragon)
    Torkoal (dragon)
    Light Arcanine
    Dark Typhlosion
    Typhlosion (neo genesis)Lv. 57
    Zapdos (Base and Legendary)
    Golem ex
    hitmonchan ex
    Machamp holo and reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Dugtrio (rocket)
    Golem reverse holo (expedition)
    crystal golem
    Dragonite reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Porygon2
    Porygon2 (Neo revelation)
    lapras ex
    Feraligatr holo (expedition)
    Articuno holo (skyridge)
    Dark Hypno
    Wobbuffet (Neo Discovery)
    Sneasel (neo revelation)(English and japanese)
    Forretress holo (Skyridge)
    Steelix holo (Neogenesis)
    Magnemite holo (Neo discovery)
    Magneton ( Neo re velation) holo

    I really really need these cards
    Shiftry holo (ex sandstorm) x3
    Ampharos ex (EX DRAgON) x3
    Poliwrath (Skyridge) x3
    Salamence holo (EXDRAGON) x3
    Venusaur (expedition)Harvest Bounty) x1
    Bulbasaur x2 (expedition)
    Kingdra ex( EXDRAGON) x6
    Kingdra (aquapolis) x4
    Swampert holo (EXruby) x3
    Gardevoir (Exruby) x3
    Gardevoir ex x2
    Aggron ex x2
    Rare candy x8
    oracle x 12
    Fisherman x12
    Town volunteers x12
    Desert shaman x6
    Pokemon fan club x6
    Wynaut (ex sandstorm) x4
    Dunsparce (ex sandstorm) x6
    Tv Reporter x6
    Bills maintenance x6
    prof. birch x6
    prof oak research x15
    warp point x 6
    Mr. briney compassion x 8
    pof elm training methodx15
    azurril ex sandstorm x6

    for now thats all

    I also want to build a Gardevoir Ex deck

    (18 Pokemons)

    3 GardevoirEX
    2Venusaur (Expedition)(harvest Bounty)
    3Wynaut (Exsandstorm)
    1 Cleffa (Skyridge)

    (Energies 18)

    9 Psychic
    9 Grass

    (Trainers 24)

    2 Proffesor elm training method
    1 TV Reporter
    4 Rare candies
    3 Proffesor Oak research
    4 Potions
    2 town volunteers
    2 switch
    1 oracle
    1 fisherman
    1 warp point
    1 mr briney compassion
    2 bills maintenance

    for now thats all

  5. Victor

    Victor New Member

    hey magnor, i have:

    1 oran berry
    2 onix
    2 natu
    1 wobbuffet
    1 lanette's net search
    4 energy search

    and i want:

    h grumpig
    h swampert
    h salamance
    h charmeleon
  6. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    To Victor: I dont want any of those cards, sorry but I am currently looking for money or a bunch of cards on my want list...And btw, I wouldnt trade those holos for only those cards, considreeing I only need EXON cards.
  7. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    I will take between 150-200 dollars for all those cards....Of course, If you want you can trade for them individually, but if you want a Rayquaza and the [email protected] I have, but havent listed, those will cost 120? or probably less, you make an offer. I will only accept money for EX and money is worth more to me than trading for the cards...So if you can buy them I will most likely accept...Cash Only please.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2004
  8. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    (You put 4x Oran Berry twice)

    I have:

    1x Natu
    4x Energy Search
    2x Metal Energy (1 is holo)

    I'll trade that for 3 of my wants (Kingdra ex and Charmeleon count for 2 each).

    I want:

    H Crawdaunt
    H Grumpig
    H Plusle
    H Lunatone
    H Charmeleon

    Kingdra EX
  9. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    Got any money? The Ex's only go for money...Im saving up so I need to get rid of some of my other cards.
  10. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    Oh yeah, I'll sell you everything on your want list for 80 bucks, or all the EX's. or all my others that I have listed.
  11. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    I'm not buying anything (especially if I have to send first), which I wouldn't want to do anyway.

    Are you not interested in your own wants?!
  12. Ihave
    Oran Berryx?
    NatuxI am pretty sure 4
    Can't not trade Wob
    T.V.Reporterx1(Thats all you want?)
    Can't trade Birch
    Wally's Trainingx2(Again that all you want)?
    Lannet's Net Searchx?
    Energy Searchx4
    All the Metal you can dream of pretty much
  13. Magnor

    Magnor New Member

    I still want my want list, so go ahead and tell me what u got...
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