My journey:Out of the Ashes:Kamehameha x2!

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  1. My story begins as the alarm clock rings:Beep beep!"aww man! it can't be morning already!"
    Chris(mE) got out of bed and walked over to the bed sitting by the fire place"Sparky,wake up" Chris said softly,a 3ft mouse with a lightning shaped tail slowly got up from its sleep."Raaii" it said a bit annoyed.
    Chris looked in his pokedex and it said:"Raichu the mouse pokemon,this pokemon is capable of giving off over 100,000 volts of electricity,which is enough to render a Dragonite unconscious" "come on Raichu we have 2 get our starter pokemon from professor Birch"Raichu slowly and reluctantly gets up,and walks beside its trainer.It was a balmy day,perfect 4 recieving your starter pokemon!Chris walked along with Raichu resting on its backpack."Hey prof.Birch!" Chris yelled "Hey" the prof. replied
    "I've come to get my pokemon!" prof.Birch though a bit before replying"O yeah Chris is it?come right this way!"they walked along when..."Hey u come back here with those pokemon!"prof.Birch yelled at someone dressed in black running with 3 pokeballs.Chris immediatly powered up 2 Super Saiyan and said"Ill get those pokemon back"because Chris was not about 2 let some crook ruin his dream of becoming a pokemon master!Chris fire a small energy blast at the theif(by the way Chris is surpressing his power level,i will give power levels later)the thief ducks just in time but,gives Chris enough tim 2 atch up up and kick the thief in the back of the head!the thief flew in2 a nearby tree and seemed 2 be unconscious.Chris grabbed the 3 pokeballs ,and started 2 walk away when.."Hey kid,where do think u r going with those pokemon"the thief asked"Im taking them back,2 thier rightful owner back in Littleroot town!and there isnt anything u can do about it!"Oh yeah" the thief replied"We'll just see about that
    "Go! Seviper!"a bright flash of white light shined and out popped a dark figure with a long snakelike body and colored markings. "Ok you wanna dance"Chris asked coyly"Go! Salamence!"out popped a huge Blue/Purple Dragon that scared seviper a little."Intimidate,Salamence's special ability lowers your/my opponents attack by 1 level,i learned that in school!""O,a smart guy huh?well..Seviper!use Iron Tail attack!"the thief replied"dodge that!""Salamence!Fly up and doge the attack and use Flamethrower!"Chris said hurriedly.Salamence immediatly flew up and out of range of the attack and coutered with an attack of his own a hot stream of fire blazed down on Seviper burning him 2 a crisp."YEah!"Chris yelled happily"This isnt over yet i am a member of team Rocket and i cannot will not lose!"Go! MUK!" a big pile of stinky sludge t00k the form of the pokemon Muk"MUK! USE YOU SLUDGE ATTACK!"the rocket yelled angrily"Salamence! Dragon Dance attack!"Salamence began spinning and deflected the filthy attack"Now EARTHQUAKE!" Chris's Salamence used its hieghtened speed 2 launch another speedy attack!the ground shook and quaked but when the dust settled Muk was nowhere 2 be seen.."Muk return!" a bright red line hit Muk and it returned 2 the pokeball."Give up yet?"Chris asked impatiently."Never we rockets never give up!" Chris was beginning 2 get angry when he remembered all of the horrible things Team Rocket did 2 pokemon so he powered up Super Saiyan(he can go up 2 SSJ4)and gave the rocket a choice"Okay thief seeing as how im feeling nice 2day ill give u a choice 1)u stop crime and never hurt any pokemon again or 2)i wiill end your particular career here and now!" the rocket didnt xpect 2 hear that so he laughed"HAHAHA,u a liitle kid stop me?HAHAHA"
    "Im not giving up just because of a little threat from some snotty nosed kid!"the rocket said leeringly
    "Now witness my strongest pokemon!i choose u Charizard!" from the bright flash of light cam the figure of a dinosaur/lizard with flame on its tail,"Now show this little kid how dragons really fight so
    Now its time to pay for what you did to me! Charizard, fire blast him!”A flaming cross with two extensions came charging at him.Thinking quickly Chris formulated a plan"Ok Salamence 1st use your DragonDance 2 deflect the Fire Blast then counter with your Hydro Pump when Charizard is still recovering from the massive energy loss!" Salamence followed the plan almost perfection down 2 every last detail "Now hit it with your Hydro Pump full power!"a huge blast of water coming straight from Salamence's mouth hit Charizard straight on and knocked it out cold."return Charizard"the rocket muttered.WHIRRR! the police arrived just in time"great job kid!"Officer Jenny congratulated him,"U have just help us a big deal by capturing this rocket member!,I salute u!"she raised her hand and then Gunfire! "HAHA did u really think my comrades wouldnt come back 4 me?"the rocket asked everyone watched helplessly as he got away"Not if i can help it! Chris immediatly powered up and flew away.He was right along side the Helicopter when they fire 2 missiles at him which he dodged and coutered with.." KAMEHAMEHA!!!!x2!!!" Chris yelled and suddenly A bluish-white sphere with a tail behind it came out of his hands and hit the helicopter head-ona big explsion came afterward.
    Chris landed and recieved all 3 pokemon and went on his way 2 Odale Town 2 get package he had 2 deliver. Until Next Time...So long*DragonballZ ending music plays*
    Chris happens to be part saiyan,part human due 2 these genes he has abilities superior 2 that of a normal human.
    Chris's power level at beginning of show(supressed):23,000
    powered up a little(still supressed):120,000
    angry powered up Kaio Ken x3:15,000,000
    Super Saiyan(surpressed):130,000,000(full):360,000,000
    Super Saiyan+Kamehamehax2:230,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2(surpressed):385,000,000(full):425,000,000
    Super Saiyan 3(surpressed):495,000,000(full):540,000,000
    Super Saiyan 4(supressed):600,000,000(full):745,000,000
    Golden Ozaru:???,???,???
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  2. We rejoin Chris as he is heading to Odale town to further his quest as a trainer,and defeat the pokemon league.

    "Man today is a nice day isnt it Sparky?" Chris asked his pokemon partner
    "Raiiichu"his Raichu replied agreeingly.

    Chris and Sparly walked along until they saw a young trainer looking for berries,they where walking by when...

    "Hey you! are you a pokemon trainer?" the boy asked.
    "Yes why?" Chris replied

    "Im bored how about a battle,i see you are a beginner trainer as well" the boy told him.
    "Ok i accept, " Chris said
    " Great, but let me warn u im giving it my all!" th boy said
    "I wouldnt have it any other way!"Chris said and the battle began

    "I choose you Hooty!" a bright flash came from the pokeball and out popped a Noctowl
    "Great a Noctowl,Raichu you're up go!" Chris's Raichu popped into action

    "Raichu use you Rain Dance to slow down Noctowl!""Raiiichu!"
    Raichu fired a Thunderbolt into the sky and clouds formed.And i began at 1st raining lightly
    Noctowls feathers got damp decreasing his flight speed making him an easier target.

    "Noctowl use Quick Attack!"Noctowl quickly became a blur of brown and white and flw striaght at Raichu.

    "Raichu dodge it hurry!" Raichu ducked down and using his tail like a spring bounced up right behind Noctowl.
    "Now Raichu use a Thunder attack!" lightning bolts came out of the sky followed by a Huge thunderbolt and struck Noctowl.

    "Hooty no!,return!" the boy called back Noctowl,"Ok ill choose a stronger pokemon now"Go! Ursaring!"
    from the pokeball came a large teddy bearlike pokemon with long claws.

    "Now Ursaring use Slash attack!" Ursaring immediatly sprang into action slashing everything that was within his reach.
    "Sparky use your Brick Break!" Raichu's paws started glowing in white orbs Raichu rushed forward an struck Ursaring hard 5x.Ursaring then hit the ground hard.

    "Noo! Ursaring you did great now,return"Ursaring disappeared in a flash of red the boy recalled it
    "Ok this is my strongest pokemon,witness its power I choose you! Charizard!"
    "Sparky use your Surf attack" Surf coupled with the rain made it have the power of Hydro Pump and knocked out Charizard.
    "Noooo!" the boy yelled

    after getting the money the boy owed him Chris kept walking the route the led to Odale Town,What adventures await our hero find out on the next episode of pokemon the Neo era!
    *DragonballZ music plays*
    Chris's pokemon in this episode:Raichu,Salamence,Charmeleon,Ivysaur,Crocanaw

    Mysterious trainer tell me whatcha think
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  3. "Crocanaw! Hydro Pump!" a huge deluge of water hit Linoone and KO'ed it "Nooo!" the little girl collapsed to her knees "You're so mean beating my poor Fluffy" having said that the little girl ran way.

    Chris stood looking at the sky while lieing his back talking to Raichu."Man today is great I've leveled up all my pokemon by 5 levels each and i got a TM from the professor ,could today get any better?" Chris asked himself.Chris got up and walked down the trail to Odale Town, "I think I'll try 2 find a partner to fight in a 2 v2 battle with that should be fun" So Chris continued walking down the trail to Rustboro City.
    Chris was walking along when he noticed a strange pokemon by the roadside.."Whats that pokemon?"he asked himself, so he took oout his pokedex to find out "That Pokemon is not native to this area" the pokemon was a Charmander"I need one of those for my team!ill capture it go!Pidgeotto!" Out of the pokeball came a medium sized bird withsemi colorful feathers.

    "Ok Pidgeotto,use you Sand-attack!" Pidgeotto blew up a gust of sand that momentarily blinded Charmander.
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