My Kingdra/EX deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by D-pride, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. D-pride

    D-pride New Member

    After a long brake a played my first tournement yesterday this is what i played

    4 horsea
    4 seadra
    2 Kingdra EX
    2 Kingdra
    2 electrique
    2 Aqua's manetric
    2 Wobuffet

    4 Oaks resreach
    3 Master Ball
    3 Duall Ball
    2 Elms training mt.
    2 Wally
    2 Copycat
    4 Nurse
    2 Switch
    2 Crystal shard
    2 Reversal/strenth charm

    2 Boost
    4 Multi
    10 Water

    I lost against a gardy/EX deck and a ScepTeCh Deck..this deck is pretty solid against bar it has problems against amphy and gardevoir/EX is also a hard match-up. I was thinking about putting in a 2/2 Haryama line..

    Fixes/Opinions Pleas
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  2. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Yet another kingdra EX deck.

    Look at Water Pokemon Master's post.
  3. D-pride

    D-pride New Member

    Hero you said yourself that you can play kingdra EX in very different ways, this concept is very different then water pokemon master's.
  4. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Which way do you want me to fix it then ?

    Turbo Kingdra w/ retaliate less nurses/more switch+warp, standard Kingdra ex w/ recall seadra + wally training.. my other deck is secret :p (im still experimenting)
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