My Nats Report-53rd Place in Seniors (Of Course i didnt prep for Cess)

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by PokePockets, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Well, here is my Nats Report.

    I played MegaLutions, a combo of Meganium d and Eeveelutions, hopes for quick Eevee setup

    I played in a Modfied on Friday, i played Back in Black (Meganium d/Darkrai/Weavile) I went 3-3 and dropped.

    On Saturday, i registered, helped pass out shirts (i was the kid in the Black Football Jeresy if any of you really care) and then we started

    Round 1 vs. Aziz A. (Empoleon/Bronzong)
    Well, there truly wasnt much to this game, i get Claydol and pretty much a bunch of Eevee's ready to go, and i get cessed. GG


    Round 2 vs. Aaron W. (Eeveelutions Variant)
    This game was pretty interesting, we both set up Claydol early, he gets Crawdaunt ex making me limit my bench to 3, but i get Leafeon/Espeon/Glaceon, all i see from him is Jolteon, i sweep with Leafon/Glaceon at that point.


    Round 3 vs. Reed W. (G&G/Lanturn)
    He starts with Chinchou, i start with Eevee. He goes energy dry for the first 4 turns, i get Eeveelutions setup along with Meganium and Claydol. He finally gets Gardys/Gallades, and 2 Lanturn set up, and we swtich off attacks from there. Finally time gets called, we both have one prize left. I had just hit my Snow Cloak flip with Glaceon Lv.X, and he needs to find a way to put it onto to bench to use Bring Down on it. He Copycats, uses some Cosmic Powers. Nothing. He uses Teleportation to put his Gardy X with 10 damage counters on the bench, he brings up Lanturn (x2 weak to :fighting:) I retreat Glaceon, bring up Meganium with :fighting: and DRE, Mega Impact. GG.


    Round 4 vs. Amber G. (FlyCario)
    Holon Castform start. She starts with Riolu, use you imagination. Actually, it wasnt THAT bad. Instead, she goes second and throws down a T1 Flygon ex on my, sweeps at that point.


    Round 5 vs. i dunno (Empoleon/Bronzong)
    This guy Actually didnt play Cess so it worked out well. He sets up Empo's, i set up Eeveelutions. Both of my Claydols are prizes, both of his Bronzongs are prized, so it worked out pretty well. I set up Jolteon T3 and start sweeping until he starts to KO most of my Eeveelutions. Finally i NM for my Jolteon, Bebe's for it, attach DRE, we are tied at 2 prizes each, time is called and i Lightning Strike FTW.


    Round 6 vs. i dunno (Gyrados/Lucario/Breloom)
    Agh this was annoying, i got cessed again. I kinda set up, he sets up alot better, Lucario and Breloom owned me. GG


    Ok, so now i have to win out to even have a chance of making T32

    Round 7 vs. i dunno (Magmortar/Infernape/Rotom)

    This match sucked in the begining, but only got better from then on. T2 Glaceon, and he KO's it. I NM for the Glaceon, he snipes it the next turn i get it set up. luckily Jolteon and Espeon did enough to KO all of them.


    Almost there, just 1 more round

    Round 8 i dunno (Blissey)

    This round was crazy hard as well. She has 3 different Cess's out at the same time. She pretty much Happy Chanced me to death until i finally started hitting her with Meganium. Finally we get to 1 prize each and she uses Quick Ball and notices a Boost Energy in her deck. I knew that this was going to fail this turn because she had already attached. There were 5 cards left in her deck, 7 in my hand. She Copycats to DECK HERSELF she Happy Chances, not enough to KO the Meganium, i pass. GG.


    Well. That was it, i had won out, but my tiebreak has sucked top cut for Pockets, however i did take 53rd out of 207 seniors. If any of you card about my Tiebreak. one of my opponent's dropped, one took 116th, and Aziz went in to Top Cut seeded 6th. I am really proud about how i did this year

    Taking 53rd
    Meeting all sorts of cool people from the PokeGym
    Goin 5-3 as opposed to 3-5 last year
    Aziz taking 3rd Place!
    Orion winning Seniors with Eeveelutions
    Justin (HurricaneWarty) coming into Nats at about 1600 rating and beating a guy at 1900

    Sucky Tiebreak
    No Midnight Mutant Draft...
    Justin beating Adam Garcia and most likely costing him a trip to worlds!

    Over all, i had a much better time this year and Nats was much better
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  2. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    I would just like to throw out some things.

    Congrats to Aziz A. on taking 3rd in Seniors
    and Orion C. for winning Seniors with Eeveelutions.
  3. charchar

    charchar New Member

    good job. 5-3 is nice with ur deck
  4. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    You really should have used some windstorm. :p

    GJ on 53'd its not thaaaaaaaat bad. lol

    Better luck next yr. *don't forget that key card again ;)*
  5. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    I was very proud of 5-3, i just felt i could have done alot better had i surpassed the Cessation Crystal.

    Yep, Windstorm would have been very handy, and i am glad that i took 53rd.

    Thanks for the comments guys
  6. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    53rd is not bad. Good job. You remember me right? I knew Cameron and I used to go to the same league as Andrew. lol anyways good job and i'll see you next year.
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  7. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Yeah, i remember you, and thanks
  8. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    Good job man, it was cool chillin with you guys.

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