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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by TeH_JERGEN, Aug 21, 2008.

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    TeH_JERGEN New Member

    So yeah, I wanted to get some feedback on my new deck that has been developed. I am trying to work some kinks out of it at teh moment and I am lookin for some helpful advice. Without further ado, here is teh list:

    x2 Groudon
    x2 Regigigas
    x1 Lucario lv X
    x2 Lucario Legends Awakened
    x1 Lucario Diamond and Peral
    x4 Rilou

    x4 Buck's Training
    x4 Quickball
    x2 Cynthia's Feelings
    x2 Warp Point
    x1 Stark Mountain

    35 Fightning Energies

    So I think you can get teh basic overview of teh deck, most of teh cards being from teh new Legends Awakened packs. I was running a Jirachi instead of a second Regigigas soley for One Desire because it did help out so much and I am considering taking something out to bring it back. Any advice is welcomed!
  2. proplay010

    proplay010 New Member

    way way way way way way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much energy.... in my opinion

    p.s. theres a really great card called CLAYDOL you might wanna try it
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    TeH_JERGEN New Member

    I know I have one, possibly 2 Baltoys but I dont know where that Claydol or Baltoy comes from. Suggestion for addition of Claydol would be to take out some energies possibly?
  4. stephanN

    stephanN New Member

    loooool it will not workkk
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