My Oslo CC report.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by jonnj, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. jonnj

    jonnj New Member

    After 2 seconds place on two BRs I locked forward to this tournement:smile:. I go for Mario with Sableye CG tech. I was very exited. I and my friends drive to Oslo and went in and regestrait us.
    It was 40 people in Senior. Six swiss rounds and Top 4.

    Round 1: Me VS Random Guy (Woppufet PK and Duskplops PK)
    He start with Wobbufet pk and I with Machop. One his T2 he got Wobbufet with 2 energys and I only with my Machop and if I didnt get any basic or evoling pokemon now I will lose the game. I drew a Castaway :eek: but I get buffer Piece and survives with 10 HP and next round i get out Machocke and after that Machamp. YES:smile: I won.

    Round 2: Me VS. Andre Helgestad(InfernCatty)
    T1 I start with Riulo and he with skitty but I flipped down.:nonono:
    T2 I get lucario and kills his Delcatty.:rolleyes:
    T3 I killed his chimcar.:wink:

    Round 3: Me VS. martin Pedersen(Squrtile CG)
    I won on T2 with Lucario.:biggrin:

    Round 4 Me VS. Linnea Vestre (Blissey)
    I won on after killed 2 blissey with both Luca and mach. Maybe my best match ever.

    OMG I am 4-0

    Round 5 Me VS. Daniel Chan (Kingdra Swarm)
    I get 2 prizes but Nothing more he killed my Luc with p.swirlw and S. Charm.

    I have to win the next match to go to TOP 4

    Round 6 Me VS. Fredrik Lam√ły ( Gatr d Amperas d)
    I won:biggrin:

    I wait for the Standings no one have 6-0 so six people have 5-1. And finally it came up and I was 5th. one place from TOP 4:frown:

    But I am happy:smile: about the result. 5th out of 40 is good my best tournement ever

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  2. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    What Cities was this?
    I thought cities started next weekend...Guess not.
    Nice Try though man, and 40 people in seniors, thats some good numbers!!!
  3. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Vegeta ss4, its Oslo, Capital in Norway.
    Good job man, nice knowing Asker is doing good ;)
  4. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator just have to hate resistance sometimes.

    But yeah, gj. 5th place is stil quite good.

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