My take on Durant Mill

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by PokePockets, Nov 22, 2011.

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    PokePockets New Member

    Having taken a hiatus from the game for a while, I've come back to find out that the format is new, interesting, and Pokemon has become a lot of fun to play again.

    I've always been interested in "mill"-based strategies, no matter what card game I play. I simply enjoy exhausting my opponents of their resources.

    So, with no actual testing at all, and a little bit of theory. Here is my list of Durant. Think it's bad? Tell me why and what you think I ought to do differently.

    Pokemon (9):
    4 Durant
    2 Rotom
    1 Pichu
    1-1 Hypno

    Trainers/Supporters (41):
    4 Collector
    3 Twins
    3 N
    4 Cheerleader
    2 Copycat
    1 Flower Shop Lady
    4 Eviolite
    3 Defender
    3 Junk Arm
    4 Dual Ball
    1 Alph Lithograph
    4 Revive
    3 Catcher
    2 Communication

    Energy (10):
    4 Special Metal
    6 Metal
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