My trading Cards (W: for my deck)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Pokegamer, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member

    1. I live in Europe, so you have to send to everywhere or we cannot trade
    2. I will check lists

    Other Deck wants:
    1x Uxie Lv.X LA !!!!!! Fast for me, I give anything

    Xx Primes
    Xx Legends
    Xx Lv.X´s

    My Haves:
    1-1 Rayquaza&Deoxys Legend
    1-1 Lugia Legend
    1-1 Ho-oh Legend

    2x Gengar Prime TR (Really hard to get off me)
    1x Machamp Prime TR
    1x Umbreon Prime UD
    1x Houndoom Prime UD
    1x Meganium Prime HS
    1x Typhlosion Prime HS
    1x Crobat Prime UL
    1x Ampharos Prime HS

    1x Gengar Lv.X AR (Really hard to get off me)
    1x Palkia G Lv.X PL
    1x Arceus Lv.X Omniscient non promo(Damaged)
    1x Infernape E4 Lv.X RR
    1x Machamp Lv.X SF (Damaged)
    1x Giratina Lv.X PL (Non Promo)
    1x Rayquaza C Lv.X SV (Non Promo)
    1x Salamence Lv.X AR
    1x Darkrai Lv.X GE
    1x Cresselia Lv.X GE
    1x Gallade E4 Lv.X RR (Damaged)

    1x Metagross UL
    1x Magmortar CL
    1x Mow Rotom RT4 Secret
    1x Empoleon SF
    1x Gardevoir PT
    1x Espeon UD
    1x Umbreon UD
    1x Blastoise UL
    1x Bellossom UD
    1x Houndoom UD
    1x Clefable CL
    1x Mismagius GL RR
    1x Xatu UL
    1x Magmortar UL
    1x Manaphy UL
    1x Torterra UL
    1x Darkrai GE (Damaged)
    1x Octillery UL
    2x Politoed UL (1x RH)
    1x Sudowoodo UL
    1x Salamence AR
    1x Darkrai G RR
    1x Giratina PL #10
    1x Regigigas SF #9
    1x Regigigas LA
    1x Froslass GL RR

    Uncommons and Commons:
    1x Garchomp C SV
    2x Starmie RR (1x RH)

    1x Lost Remover
    3x PONT
    1x Warp Point
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  2. rizor

    rizor New Member

    Hmmmmmm,CML for:

    x1 Luxray GL lv.X

  3. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    i lik your scizor prime and luxray lvx

    LMK plz
  4. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member

    I sent offer on PM to you

    I made offer on PM to you for my Luxray

    ---------- Post added 03/19/2011 at 04:22 PM ----------

    I didn´t find anything for Luxray
    But my Scizor Prime I can trade for your Absol Prime or Celebi Prime
  5. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

  6. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    would u do my
    3 Jirachi RR (Biggest want)
    2x Spiritomb AR (Biggest want)
    1x Kingdra Prime
    2x DCE

    for your
    luxray gl x
  7. HarveeDent

    HarveeDent New Member

    1x Infernape E4 Lv.X RR

    i have 2x Sprirtomb...
  8. LauraKitazawa

    LauraKitazawa New Member

    Hiya, could you CML for Umbreon Prime? Thanks!
  9. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member

    That´s OK
    I send PM

    ---------- Post added 03/20/2011 at 01:37 AM ----------

    I can trade like this
    Umbreon Prime UD (English and Mint)

    For your:
    Absol Prime TR

    Send me PM if that is OK for you
  10. Deck Bocks

    Deck Bocks New Member

    Hi, I have:
    2x Spiritomb AR (LP)
    1x Jarachi RR Holo

    I need:
    2-1 Luxray GL Lv.X
    1 Froslass GL

    Please LMK,
  11. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    u skipped me...............
  12. Mike130593

    Mike130593 New Member

  13. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member


    Kingdra Prime I want
    Can you trade Absol Prime over Kyogre&Groudon Legend Top (Because I already get this Half from my brother) I mean is this trade fine for you

    Scizor Prime UD
    Espeon Prime UD

    For your:
    Kingdra Prime
    Absol Prime

    What you think?? I can give few SP trainer for bonus with those Primes If you like

    ---------- Post added 03/20/2011 at 03:50 PM ----------

    Sorry, I skipped you
    That´s sounds good, send me a PM
  14. Mike130593

    Mike130593 New Member

    Scizor Prime UD
    Espeon Prime UD

    Kingdra Prime
    Absol Prime

    Ye, this is fine, I will PM for confirmation
  15. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    CMl for your Lux GL X.
    I have 2 Spiritomb (League Promo) and 2 regular holo Jirachi RR.
    CML for more please!
  16. rizor

    rizor New Member


    1-1 Kyogre&Groudon Legend UD
    1x Jirachi RR
    2x Spiritomb AR (LP)
    1x Kingdra Prime UL
    2x Azelf LA (LP)
    1x Absol G SV
    2x Sableye SF


    Luxray GL lv.X
  17. LauraKitazawa

    LauraKitazawa New Member

    Absol Prime is worth more than Umbreon Prime. :/
  18. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    Il do the scizor for celebi I also like your regigigas Lvx
  19. Gunnersaurus

    Gunnersaurus New Member

    cml.. I like a few cards
  20. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member


    I found few cards I really interested
    RVH PL Skuntank G
    Sableye SF
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