My VileGar for CA states. Help please!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by joedexter23, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. joedexter23

    joedexter23 New Member

    heres my list. i was playtesting at a tourny in LA today and got my butt KICKED in all 5 rounds. I was up against lostgar (which i only won by time), 2 vilegar mirrors than ran some more techs than me such as blissy PL, and a steelix which was just too high HP for me to take out. Please help me improve my list guys, id really like to do better than this at states!


    2 2 2 vileplume

    3 2 1 3 gengar sf

    gengar lvl x

    crobat g

    unown q

    2 uxie


    4 spiritomb


    2 lookers

    3 collector

    4 bebe

    3 bts

    2 copy cat

    1 PONT

    2 seeker

    2 twins

    1 rare candy (incase trainer lock insnt in effect)



    7 phycic

    3 warp

    2 rescue

    my stradegy is standard vilegar, lock and hit for heavy damage. problem is there are so many techs for this deck out there now. will be thankful for you help

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  2. MudkipPrime

    MudkipPrime New Member

    hey whats in ur area?

    a good vilegar counter is umbreon UD
  3. TunderBlow

    TunderBlow New Member

    I play my vilegar with 2 Bts only, because in the metagame of my country all the decks hace at least two or three Bts, and in some duels i have one or two Bts in my hands, i play one line of machamp Sf for the luxchomps and anothers Sp decks an d put one energy rainbow, in the personal i play without crobat g, four collector, three bebe's and two pont.

    in other words: - 1 Bts, - 1 Rare Candy, - Warp energy, + 1 energy rescue, + 1 pont, or anothers card that you like.
  4. joedexter23

    joedexter23 New Member

    cool guys will try your suggestions. just tried mewtwo lvl x and that was useless. trying uxie lvl x now.
  5. putgik

    putgik New Member

    You should try out Zangoose PL as well. Works great against mirror and pulling heavy retreater into active spot while they are under trainer lock is really nice.
    So my suggestion is:
    -Rare Candy
    +Gastly SF
    + Zangoose
    I would also drop a Copycat or PONT for 4th Collector.
  6. TunderBlow

    TunderBlow New Member

    Oh, i don't repared in this point... + 1 gastly!!
  7. fabulousTaz

    fabulousTaz New Member

    For mirror nidoqueen is awesome. Mewtwo is amazing, considering its dmg output and anti SP. To play a great SP deck and drop Mewtwo with no way of them killing it in some list is priceless. 2 slots to auto win many SP builds is always worth it IMO
  8. thegreengiant426

    thegreengiant426 New Member

    well hope to see u on saturday. Since ur from CA, play 1-1 bliss from platinum, throw in a mesprit, u dont need pont or rare candy.
  9. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    are you playing 4 gengar and 1 gengar lv. x?
    or is that 3 haunter (the 2 1 3 in the gengar line)
  10. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Pokemon collector should be four and bebe's should be three.
    Also, you should have 4 copycats.
    I'd add a second rare candy, too.
  11. putgik

    putgik New Member

    I think Mewtwo is awful. It does not help against your main counter: Dialga G Lv. X, instead making you more incosistent. Also, 1-1 line of Mewtwo is usually manageable with a Dragon Rush + Flash Bite. But i think Vilegar has an ok matchup against Luxray variant SPs without Mewtwo. Again, it doesn't help against Sablelock or Dialgachomp, so i dont see the point of running it.

    If you really want to abuse having no counter to Mewtwo, just add 2-1 line of him, so they will be in real trouble.
  12. TunderBlow

    TunderBlow New Member

    If you have troubles with the Sp matchs, you can put a line of machamp Sf, only one, i used this in my vilegar 1-1-1 Machamp Sf! and one energy rainbow, twins do the another work
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