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Discussion in 'Conventions' started by Venjamin, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Venjamin

    Venjamin New Member

    Alright, I've heard from two different sources that Nationals is invite-only, and that Nationals is walk-in welcome. Which is it? I'll have to reconsider judging States if Nationals is invite only.
  2. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Nationals isnt invite only, Anyone who is a resident of that country can play as long as you are in good standard with POP. This is all on the OP site if you look.

    Hope That Helps,
  3. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Worlds is invite only with a LCQ the day before. Nats is open to residents.

  4. Venjamin

    Venjamin New Member

    I did look, which is the depressing part. I'm always stumbling across new information on the OP site, and almost always losing other bits of info. v_v; I'm just that awesome.
  5. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Nationals is definately open to all as long as you purchase an Origins Events badge but like last year it is a good idea to get your event ticket ahead of time because NATS has been growing and growing and I predict that this year will be no different.
  6. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I may be of the minority view, but I am predicting a slight reduction in attendance for this year's nationals.

    Hope I am wrong, but the draw of a trip to Hawaii, and the last ratings points was a much larger draw than the shot at 1 of 4 trips and one of 25 invites (no trip).

    Heck, we will be there, so all good by me.

    I was also just notified I get to be the GRINCH again. Not a judge but a playa!

  7. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    Blasphemy, and you call yourself my friend. :mad: You're just hoping to reduce your competition. :wink:

    I think the increases we are seeing at all events this year will carry through to US Nationals and we will break the 735 mark set last year. Ya gotta believe!!!

  8. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    No, I plan on playing Mike Cook in round 1, starting our game, and both going into "Ultrastall mode" with neither of us drawing or playing a card once we have determined who goes first.

    At about 4 minutes the judges will become, well, worried.

    At about 5 minutes I predict that someone from PUI will become concerned that we are making a scene.

    At 5 minutes I predict that penalties will be threatened as well.

    At 8 minutes Bacon will be offered to both of us as a bonus for playing a card. We will both draw our card, eat our bacon and pass.

    At 10 minutes, Dav will come over with his grouchy face, and tell us to "Come on". Dav will realize that even if DQd from the event, we will be very difficult to remove from our seats. We are not small people.

    At 10.5 minutes we will be DQd from the event. We will sit.

    At 10.7 minutes we will be removed from the professor program.

    At 10.8 minutes our PTO privelidges will be revoked...leading to...

    At 11 minutes we will be tazed.

    Upon seeing me Tazed, and screaming horribly, Mike Cook will claim to have been sleeping, and will get off scott free. Mike Cook will win the round, and go on to win Nationals.

    I will be escorted from the premesis, and tazed on my way out.

    Upon leaving the premesis, Mike will beat me with unprocessed bacon (read whole pig) and remind me to be quiet.

    That is how it is going down.

    It is.

  9. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    haha @ Vince

    I'm not sure about Nationals attendance, but with more invites being handed out, players have a very good chance assuming they do well at Nats.
  10. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Oh, I forgot the last part, where MK Choi groans realizing that somehow I will be a part of his tiebreakers yet again!

  11. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Thank you sir, may I have another.
  12. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ Active Member

    ROFL, too funny! :lol:

    Thank You Vince/Mike!

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