Nebraska States Report.

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Zard1111, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    So I decided to play Magnezone Regirock again after doing really good in Kansas with it.

    Game 1: Tyranitar/ Umbreon
    As soon as I saw eevee I was really nervous because my deck is all powers. I kill his first umbreon with magneton and evolve to mag prime the next turn to ko his Tyranitar prime. I am able to kill his second umbreon with my relicanth tech just for umbreon. When time is called the prizes are 3-2 me and he gets turn one. He attaches a fourth dark energy to his active tyranitar prime and uses darkness howl to spread damage and get one ko. On my turn I lost burn for 200 to ko his active and all the pokemon he has left is an energyless honchkrow ud. He sends it up and can't attack so I win a very close game. 1-0

    Game 2: Yanmega Prime/ Jumpluff
    I get an early lead since yanmega prime has lightning weakness and judge doesn't hurt me too much since I have magnezone prime. He is able to take a couple of prizes with jumpluff but I take a prize a turn and I am able to win pretty easily. 2-0

    Game 3: Uxie Donk
    I start tomb to his unown r. He draws passes and I bebes a magnemite, attach and grace to magneton. He draws and passes again and I attach and grace to mag prime. He draws and passes again and I collector for unown q and lost burn to win. Thank God for a tomb start. 3-0

    Game 4: Gengar sf/ Crobat prime
    I start regirock and 6 energies and he outspeeds me. Once I finally get set up I have to risk feinting spell everytime and I can't keep up. 3-1

    Game 5: Luxchomp
    I start regirock again and my only supporter is bebes. He dragon rushes watever I bebes for. I happen to get a ko on his lux x with my relicanth when he kills one of my other pokemon. I am able to get the full mag prime on one turn but he only has two prizes left. I take two more prizes and he wins. 3-2

    Game 6: VileGar
    I set up in the same amount of time as him and he has to shadow room my mag prime. I heal with blissey and surprise him with skuntank to avoid feinting spell and rescue energy. I take four straight prizes and he scoops. 4-2

    I get 10th and miss top cut by two spots.

    Steve Ferrell for a good tournament
    Charlene for cutting
    Franco for cutting
    Kraken Deck

    Missing Cut
    Austin missing cut in 9th
  2. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Good to meet you man! Sucks that we both whiffed cut :(

    See ya at nats
  3. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    Nice job Patt. You coming to St Louis Regionals?
  4. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    I wish. My parents are both going out of town that weekend so I have no way of getting/staying there. Im going to try to find a way to make it. Nice job in missouri btw.

    Thanks Austin.
  5. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Thats too bad.
    Do you think you could show me your list? ;)
    Mine is horrible.
    I used it at MO states while watching the masters top cut... I didn't go well..
  6. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    Ya just pm me......17
  7. dialga master

    dialga master New Member

    Hey, how many people did you guys have in seniors??

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    Also, thanks a lot for the list!
  8. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    5 seniors lol......17 chars.

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