need 2 raquaza ex and holo salemence

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pokemasta, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. pokemasta

    pokemasta New Member

    i need 2x raquaza ex i have lots of stuff availible for trade differnt pokemon ex and alot of cards from differnt sets base-dragon i'll trade mostly anything. Hey everyone go to the city championships Febuary 28 at 10am in anne arrundel county maryland. call brian richards for details 1-202-437-8332
    we need more people there will be many people to play and trade and its FREE but we still get prizes for playing.
  2. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    Hmmm, free plug for our CC! BTW, the info above is publicly available on the Tournament details for my CC event, so no problem about it being posted here.

    Pokemasta - you DO know that normally, phone #s and names are not posted (especially tel #), right?
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