need cards from aquapolis..

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by hieudtran89, Dec 26, 2003.

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  1. hieudtran89

    hieudtran89 New Member

    anyone have suicune, or entei from aquapolis? i also need multi energies.

    -light dragonite mint from destiny
    -espeon from discovery
    -light dragonair from destiny
    -shinging noctowl from destiny (mint)
    -mewtwo promo from the 1st movie
    -misdreavus promo
    -houndour holo from discovery
    -ninetales base
    -lugia 1st from gen.
    -ursaring holo from discovery
    -smeargle holo from discovery
    -magneton holo from revalation
    -forretress non holo from discovery
    -delibird holo 1st from revalation
    -dark hyno mint, and 1st
    -poliwrath holo from disocvery
    -gio.'s persian
    -team rocket's meowth promo
    -dark ursaring
    -1st ed. sudowoodo from rev.
    -pichu promo
    -koga's ditto
    -dark donphan
    -non holo magnetmite from discovery
    -marril promo
    -koga's beedrill
    -dark arbok non holo 1st
    -koga's arbok
    -bellosom from gen.
    -weezing from exp.
    -yanma 1st ed. holo from discovery (mint)
    -heracross 1st from gen.
    -non holo feraligatr from exp.
    -japanese downpour feraligatr
    -dark feraligatr
    -politoed from discovery mint
    -azumarril from gen.
    -suicune 1st from revalation
    -lt.surge's fearow 1st and mint
    -swampert non holo
    -darkness energy reverse holo from rubby and sapphire ex.
    -sceptile non holo
    -Sabrina Holo
    -Eco Gym
    -No Removal Gym
    -Reverse Holo Rainbow Energy
    -Seviper (RH)

    I can also buy it. Give me your offers.
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