Need Cards (Updated April-3-2004)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by HoennAsh, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Here is what I have......

    Ruby & Saphire
    *2 Hariyama (H)
    *2 Slaking (H)
    * Have all the rares
    * Have all the commons
    * Have the trainers includin Professor Birch and Pokenav
    * Have all the EX's except Mewtwo EX

    *1 Dusclops (H)
    *1 Flareon (H)
    *1 Jolteon (H)
    *3 Lunatone (H)
    *1 Mawile (H)
    *2 Solrock (H)
    *2 Zangoose (H)
    * Have all the rares except Wobbuffet
    * Have all the commons
    * Have the trainers
    *1 Aerodactyl EX
    *1 Kabutops EX
    *1 Raichu EX
    *1 Typhlosion EX

    *2 Altaria (H)
    *1 Grumpig (H)
    *1 Minun (H)
    *1 Torkoal (H)
    * Have all the rares
    * Have all the commons
    * Hace the trainers
    *1 Ampharos Ex
    *1 Golem EX
    *2 Kingdra EX
    *1 Latias EX
    *1 Latios EX
    *2 Muk EX
    *1 Charmander (3 City Campionship Charmander)
    *1 Charizard

    Team Aqua vs Team Magma
    *1 TA Crawdaunt (H)
    *1 TA Kyogre (H)
    *1 TM Claydol (H)
    *1 TM Groudon (H)
    *2 TM Torkoal (H)
    * Have all the rares except Sealeo but have the Reverse Holo
    * Have all the commons
    * Have the trainers
    *1 Cradily EX
    *2 Absol (#96)
    *1 Jirachi

    Here is what I want.....
    *1 Blaziken (Firestarter, H)
    *2 Blaziken EX
    *Golem in Skyridge (H, Crystal type)
    *Promo #5,6,and 7 (Just want one of each)
    *1 Roselia
    *1 or 2 Swampert (Watercall)
    *3 Sceptile EX
    *1 Rakiou EX
    *2 Suicune EX
    *1 Swampert EX

    *******I have the Nitendo's Reverse Holo (RH) but I will not put them up yet and u can post what RH u want and I'll telll u if I have it. I also have the Promo's from Wizard and have the previous cards that was made from Wizard and also have the best promo's and the holo energys so u can ask me if I have the cards u want.

    Thank u to all who look at my list and whoever trades with me. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2004
  2. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member


    1 roselia


    1 Ampharos ex
  3. pokedood68

    pokedood68 New Member

    have swampert watercall,roselia,and blaziken firestarter

    need jirachi
  4. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras New Member

    I have promos 5,6,7 (if you mean the nintendo promos). I need rare candies.
  5. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    I have crystal golem from skyridge

    id like the city championship charmander if possible
  6. Cha0s

    Cha0s New Member

    My Rosalia

    for your



    AIM PittziaM19
  7. I have Roselia and Crystal Golem.I need Grumpig, TMToarkoal, Archie, Maxie, Absol, and Jirachi.
  8. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Ancient Pokemon Trainer-What about ur roselia for my TM Torkoal or Grumpig depends on which one u want and if it is not enough I will throw in a Maxie, not sure about Archie.

    Chaos-I will not trade my Slaking for ur roselia.

    lPokeyl-I will like to trade my City championship Charmander for ur Crystal Golem and How many City championships Charmanders do u want?

    Pythagoras-Is there any other card u want if not then how many rare candies do u want for ur Promo 5,6,and 7 from Nitendo.

    Pokedood68-Will u trade ur Swampert (Watercall) for my Jirachi then what about ur Blaziken (Firestarter)

    NMScizor-Sorry, I will not trade my Ampharos EX for ur roselia unless I will trade it if u have something else that I need.

    Thank u everybody
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2004
  9. Okay Roselia for TMToarkoal is fair I can go with that but what about my Crystal Golem?He's worth an EX so how bout him for Grumpig,Archie,Maxie and Rare Candy?
  10. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Ancient Pokemon Trainer-I probably won't need a Crystal Golem because I will get it from lPokeyl and if he won't trade it to me then I will trade my Grumpig, Archie, and Maxie but I will probably won't trade my Rare Candy for Crystal Golem (Holo).
  11. No I think he is Crystal Rare so I think Rare candy should be thrown in hold on I'll go to Ask the Masters or something.
  12. Dark Sneasel

    Dark Sneasel New Member

    I'll give you
    RH*Golem in Skyridge (H, Crystal type)
    Rh or holo 1 Roselia

    For cradily ex
  13. I went on to 1 of the places were they help you out on collectng questions and they said it wa worth more then any EX except TATM.So will you do Rare Candy you don't have to throw in Maxie ether.
  14. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    instead of the cc promo charmanders, can u trade cradily ex for it??
    if not then ill trade it for a cc promo charmander and the holo grumpig?
  15. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Ancient Pokemon Trainer-If I don't want to throw in the Rare Candy but I do Grumpig, Maxie, and Archie then will u still trade ur holo Crystal Golem if not then is it ok I will throw in a Reverse holo Rare Candy if ur alright with it.
  16. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Is there any other people who have my want and I have the cards u want the will u please trade with me.

    Thank u everyone.
  17. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    hoenn did u see my reply to your proposal?
  18. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Yeah I saw ur reply lPokeyl and I would like to trade ur Crystal Golem for my CC Charmander and Grumpig. Also lPokeyl I'm just wondering if it is bended or scratched or folded. Tell me if the trade is allright with u. Thanks

    Ancient Pokemon Trainer-I won't trade my Grumpig, Maxie, and Archie because I will get one from lPokeyl so sorry about the confusion
  19. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Pythagoras and Pokedood68 ar u guys out there?

    Can u guys look at the 8th post. Thank u guys that looked at the 8th post and reply.
  20. Oh okay howbout Roselia for 2 Rare Candy.That's 2 uncommons for a rare holo so it's basicly your rare for my holo.Yey I'm also sorry about the confusion I should have noticed the 1st time you said I might get some from [Pokey].
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