Need Collectors! My Haves/Wants, Very Open to offers, Will check lists!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by JokerBoi, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi Active Member

    1. The ref rules DOES apply!
    2. I do check lists
    3. I did not list all my reverse holos. If you are looking for a card in reverse ask me so I can check to see if it is.
    4. NO WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIPS CARDS - I would like to assume that no one would be insensible enough to offer those to me.

    I took almost two years off so I don't really have much past Platinum

    Lv. X
    Infernape (tin)
    Leafeon (JPN)
    Regigigas (tin)
    Heatran (tin)

    Dusknoir DP
    Inferape DP x2
    Magnezone DP
    Empoleon DP
    Blissey MT x4
    Mr. Mime x2
    Gallade SW
    Pachirisu GE x6
    Claydol GE x7 (two JPN)

    Majestic Dawn:
    1 Articuno
    2 Cresselia
    3 Darkrai
    5 Glaceon
    6 Kabutops
    7 Leafeon x2 (one japanesse)
    10 Moltres
    12 Phione
    13 Rotom
    14 Zapdos x3
    15 Aerodactyl x2
    16 Bronzong x5
    20 Glaceon
    28 Plusle
    29 Scizor x3
    30 Torterra x2
    32 Umbreon x2
    33 Unown P x2
    34 Vaporeon

    Legends Awakened
    3 Froslass (JPN)
    6 Heatran
    8 Luxray x3
    9 Mamoswine (JPN)
    14 Rayquaza x2
    16 Spiritomb
    19 Azelf x2
    20 Bellossom x5 (3 JPN)
    23 Delcatty
    33 Lopunny
    34 Mesprit
    37 Regigigas
    40 Shedinja !
    43 Uxie x4 (2 League Promo/ 1 RH with crease)
    44 Victreebel
    45 Vileplume

    Ampharos x2
    Manetric x3
    Dialga G x3
    Palkia G
    Crobat G x7
    Honchcrow G x3
    Weavile G (JPN)

    Tyranitar x2
    Dusknoir x2
    Gengar x3 (one holo starter deck)
    Machamp x4
    Magnezone x2 (super connect)

    Buck's Training x3
    Bebe's Search x12
    Felicity's Drawing x8
    Fossil Excavator x4
    Roseanne's Research x12
    Team Galactic's Wager x4
    Moonlight Stadium x4
    Galactic HQ x2
    Broken Time Space x2
    Plus Power x10
    Pokeball xX
    Potion xX
    Rare Candy x16 (RH SW and HP)
    Super Scoop Up x9
    Switch xX
    Warp Point xX
    TGI Energy gain x3
    Cyrus Conspiracy x6
    Power Spray x1
    Luxury Ball x2
    Cynthia's Feelings x2

    Holo Energies
    Grass x12 (7 Player Reward/5 PK)
    Electric x10 (6 Player Reward/3 PK/1 EM)
    Psychic x9 (5 Player Reward/2 Pk/2 EM)
    Metal x2
    Fighting x8 (1 Player Reward/1 EM/2 HP/4 PK)
    Fire x6 (5 Player Reward/1 PK)

    Special Energy
    Rainbow x4 (2 RH LM/1 RH PT)
    Metal Energy xX
    Dark Energy xX
    Call Energy x9
    Multi x6
    Cyclone xX

    Nationals 09 Luxray
    Nationals 08 Blastoise

    Pokemon Collector <-Biggest Want!
    Sableye SF x4

    Minor wants:
    Vileplume (UD) x2
    Lost World x1
    Smeargle (doesn't matter which set)
    Umbreon Prime
    Espeon Prime
    Cyrus' Initiative x4
    Snowpoint Temple x2

    Throw ins:
    RH Teddiursa (Doesn't Matter Which Set)
    Ursaring Prime

    to check your list

    Lunistrella *Sent* (Received)
    The Hybrid *Sent* (waiting)
    PokemonForever *Sent* (waiting)
    BearBlasting *Sent* (Received)
    ForginGeorge *Sent* (waiting)
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2011
  2. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    i lik your
    glaceon lvx
    magnezone lvx
    machamp lvx
    x2 mr mime
    x2 gengar sf

    LMK i have a new trading thread on the front page
  3. GlowstikNinja

    GlowstikNinja New Member

    Interested in your Ampharos PL and rare candy x3, please Cml...
    I also have 2 Pokémon communications I can part with...
  4. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    Please CML for 3X Gengar SF!!! LMK thanks!!!
  5. pokepatfan

    pokepatfan New Member

    i have:

    Vileplume (UD) x2
    Pokemon Communicator x4
    Judge x4
    Dialga G lv. X

    Cyrus Conspiracy x6
    Broken Time Space x2
    Glaceon lv.x

    lmk thanks

    ---------- Post added 03/19/2011 at 11:52 AM ----------

    pm me with your offer
  6. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    CML for your:
    Glaceon LV.X
    Leafeon (JPN) LV.X
    5 Glaceon MD
    7 Leafeon x2 (one japanesse) MD
    20 Glaceon MD
    32 Umbreon x2 MD
    33 Unown P x2 MD
    34 Vaporeon MD
    14 Rayquaza x1 LA
    Rare Candy x16 (RH SW and HP)
    Basic Dark x3 Holo
    Grass x12 (7 Player Reward/5 PK) Holo
    Electric x10 (6 Player Reward/3 PK/1 EM) Holo
    Metal x2 Holo
    Fire x6 (5 Player Reward/1 PK) Holo

    Also interested in whatever RH Eevees or Eeveelutions you may have.

    I have from your Wants:
    Vileplume (UD) x1 RH
    Pokemon Communicator x1
    Expert Belt x2 LP
    Judge x4
    Dialga G lv. X
    Cyrus Initiative x1

    LMK, thanks!
  7. ChatotCZE

    ChatotCZE Member

    I'm interested in your:
    Mesprit LA
    Uxie LA RH
    2 Call Energy
    3x Electic En. Player Reward
    5x Psychic En. Player Reward
    3x Fire En. Player Reward

    I have
    2x Belt
    1x Sabley
    2x Judge
    plus check my Have please :)
  8. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi Active Member

    I private messaged everyone that I could make an offer to. If you didn't get a private message and still want to trade I highly suggest that you make an offer via private message.
  9. brick11

    brick11 New Member

    CML for 2 gengar SF thnx
  10. iamapwnda

    iamapwnda New Member

    I offer Expert Belt (LP) and Cyrus Initiative for RH Rare Candy HP
  11. techdeck101

    techdeck101 New Member

    Hi, can you CML for:

    Gengar x3 SF, (one holo starter deck)
    Machamp x4 SF,

  12. MGS-58

    MGS-58 Member

    can you also CML for 2-3x machamp sf. thanks
  13. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    cml for x2 psychic em energy, electric em energy, fighting em energy, and x1 bts. thanks.
  14. Deck Bocks

    Deck Bocks New Member

    Hi, Please CML for:
    2x BTS
    Xx RH Rare Candy's

    and your Player Reward+EM holo, Psychic and Fighting..
    LMK, Thanks
  15. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    I have:
    Vileplume (UD) x1
    Pokemon Communication x4
    Expert Belt x2 LP
    Double Colorless Energy maybe x1
    Sableye SF x1

    I like your:
    Gengar one holo starter deck
    EM holo energies

    Can we work something out?
  16. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    Glaceon x
    Uxie x3 (2 League Promo/ 1 regular non RH)
    BTS x2

    is the glaceon x mint?
  17. pokfan

    pokfan New Member

    please cml for x4 holo electric energies. do have any first editions?
  18. Sceptile King

    Sceptile King New Member

    do you have the Bottom half to Darkrai/Cresslia Legend
  19. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi Active Member

    I have private messaged everyone and updated my list.
  20. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    I have still this stuff. LMK.
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