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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by taberlong, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    So I just bought 2 starter decks and 8 booster packs (was told to get 2 of the HSundaunted umbreon decks and 8 HS Triumphant booster packs) Here is a list of all the cards that I received from everything if you could give me any recommendations I would GREATLY appreciate it. I am just starting back up after not playing for 3 years so could really use the help :)

    2xPidgey (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xPidgeotto (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xSwablu (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xDratini (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xDragonair (HS Triumphant booster)
    3xAipom (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xLickitung (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xDitto (HS Triumphant booster)
    3xPorygon (HS Triumphant booster)
    3xKangaskhan(2 holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xTogepi (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xTogetic (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xRattata (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xRaticate (HS Triumphant booster)
    9xEevee (8 from Umbreon UD and 1 from HS Triumphant booster same card though)
    1xDoduo (HS Triumphant booster)

    3xShuppet(1 holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xBanette (holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xHaunter (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xNidoran (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xNidorino (HS Triumphant booster)
    5xNidorina (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xSkorupi (HS Triumphant booster)

    2xYanma(2 holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xVenonat(1 holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xBellsprout (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xIllumise (HS Triumphant booster)
    3xVolbeat (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xKricketot (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xPineco (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xVespiqueen(holo) (HS Triumphant booster)

    1xSwinub (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xPiloswine (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xTentacruel (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xWailord (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xPsyduck (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xSlowpoke (HS Triumphant booster)

    1xLunatone (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xDiglett (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xDugtrio (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xMachop (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xMachoke (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xMachamp (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xMakuhita (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xHariyama (HS Triumphant booster)

    1xMagmar (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xMagmortar (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xPonyta (HS Triumphant booster)

    1xVoltorb (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xElectabuzz (HS Triumphant booster)

    4xUmbreon (2 holo)
    2xCarvanha(1 holo) (HS Triumphant booster)
    5xMurkrow (4 from Umbreon UD and 1 from Triumphant booster)
    2xHonchkrow (Umbreon UD)
    5xHoundour (4 from Umbreon UD and 1 from Triumphant booster)
    4xStunky (Umbreon UD)
    4xSkuntank (Umbreon UD)
    4xSableye (Umbreon UD)

    5xAron (Umbreon UD)
    5xLairon (4 from Umbreon UD and 1 from HS Triumphant same card though)
    1xBronzor (HS Triumphant booster)
    3xSkarmory (2 from Umbreon UD and 1 from HS triumphant same card though)
    1xScizor (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xMetagross (Umbreon UD)
    4xMetang (Umbreon UD)
    4xMawile (Umbreon UD)
    4xBeldum (Umbreon UD)

    3xIndigo Plateau (HS Triumphant booster)
    1xRuins of Alph (HS Triumphant booster)
    2xBurned Tower (1 from Umbreon UD and 1 from Triumphant booster)

    1xJunk Arm (HS Triumphant booster)
    4xSwitch (Umbreon UD)
    4xPokemon Communication (Umbreon UD)
    4xFull Heal (Umbreon UD)

    4xSage's Training (Umbreon UD)
    4xInterviewer's Questions (Umbreon UD)
    1xTeam Rocket's Trickery (HS Triumphant booster)

    22XMetal Energy (Umbreon UD)
    14xDark Energy (Umbreon UD)
    1xRescue Energy (HS Triumphant booster)
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  2. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    1. I think you have to post a deck list for editing... not a list of cards. :eek:
    2. If someone were to help you, you'd need to tell which expansion these cards are from... (like... put Umbreon UD or something)

    yeah... You're also not giving many options without giving a desired style... like spread, sniping, trainer lock, or anything. :\
  3. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    Sorry I just really need a basis to start with :/ I said that I got 2 of the Umbreon UD decks and 8 HSTriumphant booster packs but I will edit it to show where each of the cards came from if thats what you were talking about. And I honestly dont know what type of style I want thats why I posted these cards so I could get advice on which style would be best with the cards I listed. I have not played in years so I do not know any of the current strategies or gameplay this is why I am seeking advice from you...the advanced players. I got all these cards just to get a start back into the game from this point on I will most likely be buying singles to make the deck I want. And honestly I dont know what spread, sniping or trainer lock styles even are...sadly I am a noob as of now -__-
  4. hey its kenz

    hey its kenz New Member

    Scince the cards you have wont have any real synergy with each other just start of by putting togeather fast, strong pokemon of similar types. Whoever told you to get two umbreon decks was Very Smart, give them a pat on the back.

    On to the decklist
    You should start off with the umbreon, he is awesome in todays format.


    4 Eevee
    4 Umbreon

    Another good attacker is Skunktank, so

    4 Stunky
    4 Skunktank

    Now For the metals, try

    4 Beldum
    4 Metang
    2 Metagross


    1 Junk arm
    4 pokemon communication
    1 team rockets trickery
    4 interveiwers questions (so we can run a low amount of energy)
    4 Sages training
    3 switch


    8 metal
    8 Dark
    1 rescue energy

    This is what i would do
    sorry if this doesnt work :(
  5. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    Thank you very much for the advice, I will start putting that together now. Honestly even if it doesnt end up being a major winning deck this is just to get me started so any advice is welcome and extremely appreciated :)
  6. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Haha I'm a noob too, but you learn REALLY quickly! :D I've only played for 3 months (2 of which when I had actually seen a half rate deck in person... and when I joined this excellent site :p )
    Sorry about being kinda harsh... but I will explain the types of decks I listed up there.

    Sniping: 'long range attacks' is how it can be thought of. Adding a massive amount of to a pokemon on the bench of your choice. (like... Blastoise UL, or Garchomp C lv X... you can look them up on the researching tower on here :p ) LuxChomp is a good Meta deck (means common deck that is consistently successful in competitions/tourneys)

    Spread: Instead of doing large damage to 1 pokemon, you just kinda... spread that massive attack onto several pokemon. These decks are typically slow, combined with sniping, and take 3-4 prizes in one turn on a good game. 5 on a FANTASTIC game.

    Trainer Lock: Uses Spiritomb AR and/or Vileplume UD to keep both players from playing trainer cards. If you play this, you're gonna want to use someone who attacks based on hand size, or amount of trainer cards in the opponents hand (Gengar or Mismagius w/ Poltergeist or something similar). VileGar is the meta based on this strategy. :)

    BUT. Umbreon UD is using disruption. Disruption is limiting the ability of the opponent to attack or set-up. :)
  7. Tyraniking

    Tyraniking New Member

    Umbreon isn't disruption really. It's just stalling decks unprepared for it.

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