Need Help With Empo Deck For Nats!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pokemonfreak, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    Hello all. I am playing this deck at NATS and need some feedback, here is the list:


    3 Piplup (2 DP, 1 MD)
    3 Prinplp (1 DP, 2 MD)
    3 Empoleon (MD)
    3 Magikarp
    3 Gyarados
    2 Baltoy
    2 Claydol
    2 phione (evo wish)
    1 Unknown P


    4 Masterball
    2 quickball
    2 great ball
    2 night maintenance


    3 celio
    1 bebe
    2 roseanne
    1 TVR (tv reporter)
    2 POV
    1 Stevens advice
    2 Copy Cat
    1 Felicitys drawing


    12 water
    3 call

    Strategy: Hopefully get phione on first turn and try to get out empoleon as quickly as possible. Once out, snipe bench. If i happen to use surf together, it will damage my bench, powering gyarados. But, if it is not tails, i have unknown P to damage gyarados. Claydol keeps cards in my hand. So the deck revolves mainly around empoleon, and gyarados is a 2ndary attacker. This deck is tested at 8-2, placing 2nd to the same deck at BR.

    Cards to add: i think i should add a craudaunt ex to be like dusknoir and get rid of opponents bench, but what would i switch it for. I also want to add dugtrio CG so other empo decks can't snipe.
  2. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    -1-1 Gyrados
    +1 Piplup
    +1 Empo Lv.X

    -1 Felicity's
    -1 TVR
    +1 Steven's
    +1 Roseanne's

    those would be my fixes
  3. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    3 Gyarados is too many, and risks Magikarp starts. Using Master Ball etc is risky in a deck with a lot of different Pokemon: you won't always get what you want. What you DO want, though, is Rare Candy.

    -1 Magikarp
    -1 Gyarados
    -4 Master Ball
    -2 Quick Ball
    -2 Great Ball
    -1 Felicity
    -2 Water

    +1 Piplup
    +1 Empoleon MD/DP/LV X (your choice)
    +1 Phione
    +3 Rare Candy
    +2 Roseanne
    +2 Steven
    +1 Call
    +2 Scramble
  4. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    I'll try it, but crawdaunt ex? that would PWN!
  5. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    That would be a whole different deck. You would need to find room for 3-4 TGW.

    Besides, Omastar MD is so much better. Why not devolve and KO their benched Pokemon after you spread damage, instead of just sending them back to the hand?
  6. Pikachews

    Pikachews New Member

    I know a really good empoleon deck that you didn't even think about yet. It is only for this format.
    Its really quick and it makes fast knockouts :thumb:
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