Need Leafeon Lv.X VERY QUICK!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ssj goten, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. ssj goten

    ssj goten New Member

    Hi everyone, I am going to worlds and I really need Leafeon Lv.X quick so I can list up a couple of my haves and then we can see what happens!

    BTW I would prefer to trade with someone in Europe (Because I live in Europe) but other continents are okay to but it will take good time then ...

    Wants: Leafeon Lv.X MD :tongue:

    1x Garchomp Lv.X
    1x Infernape Lv.X
    1x Lucario Lv.X (Non tin)
    1x Palkia Lv.X (Non tin)
    1x Gardevoir Lv.X
    2x Torterra MD
    5x Infernape MD
    2x Empoleon MD
    2x Magmortar SW
    1x Gallade SW (it has a little damage though) RH
    2x Typlosion MT
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