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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pichuman, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. pichuman

    pichuman New Member

    plz for my cities. if its ok i can borrow them and send back after my cities. i need 2. plz help a pichu out. i dont have many rares but if u ask i will see if i have them. will have a list on mon. plz help me
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    Have three
    what do you have, what trainers and new cards.
  3. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    where do you live and how soon do you need them.
  4. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    what set
    i should have 3 depending on the set
  5. pichuman

    pichuman New Member

    OLD SCHOOL PLAYER: i dont have any new cards and i have a spare rare candy and some other trainers. just ask and i will look for you
    TLesky: i live in cali and i need them befor the 8th
    yuyuman345: from MT.

    and to everyone sry i only need two not three. and i promise if anyone lets me borrow them i promise i will send them back in the same condition. and if not i will replace them anyway i can
  6. pokefanpearl

    pokefanpearl New Member

    hey pichuman! i have 1 mantine i will send free of charge 2 help u out, just send me a pm! u mean mantine with the giant wave attack right???
  7. pichuman

    pichuman New Member

    i already got a deal wit mantines from TLesky :) thx to anyone who would of helped me :) i love you guys at pokegym
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