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  1. carnage2014

    carnage2014 New Member

    This is my flygon deck: i dont have delta symbol s all pokemon listed beside the castforms are delta species.

    4 trapinch, hp
    3 Vibrava 1df 2 hp
    3 Flygons hp
    2Flygon ex df

    3 magikcarp hp
    2 gyarados hp the delta reactor PB

    2 Spearows cg
    2 Fearows cg

    3 holons castform hp
    24 pokemon in all

    3 Rare candy
    2 holon adventurer
    2 holon mentor
    2 Celios Network
    2 holon lake
    1 Stevens advice
    1 professor elms training method
    1 professor cozmos
    1 island hermit
    1 Mr.stones project
    1 castaway
    1 scott
    1 night maintinance
    21 Trainers in all

    4 grass
    3 basic metals
    4 delta rainbows
    2 boost energy
    2 special metal energy
    15 energys in all

    this is my strategy thus far get my pokemon out quick with candys and use fearow to get evolution and power my pokeom with my gyarados

    Please leave your opinion about my deck and what i can do to fix it i will take all opinions to consideratin Thank You=]
  2. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Why you use Metal energies? Do you attack with Flygon d? lol... If you want powerful attacks, use Gatr d! Then you can use different stadiums (not only Holon's...)!
  3. carnage2014

    carnage2014 New Member

    i wish i had fraligators and if i need to i atk with flygon d i will if i get it quick. but its manily for gyarados d but if i get fraligators i will put them in thanks for ur opinion=]
  4. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    You need Mew* and Rayquaza ex δ. I'd remove the Gyarados and add 1-1 Eggs line. Your trainer cards are all over the place. The deck will be very inconsistent if you only play one of almost every supporter. There no point in playing 1 Castaway (no tool cards?), I'd add another Scott or 3. Good luck!

    EDIT: NO FERAIGATRS KEEP FLYGON EX δ as an attacker. Eggs makes a nice side attacker, and Quaza is your secondary man. Mew* is a tech to kill apes.
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