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    sorry i don't have any pics:frown:
    base set sealed box 1.edtion (german)
    base set sealed box (english)
    jungle sealed box 1.edition (english)
    fossi sealed box 1.edition (english)
    complete base set shadow,1.edition,shadowless
    complete jungle 1.edition,
    complete fossil 1.edition
    complete iteam rocket 1.edition
    meowth (jungle) the edge is gold!
    team rockets meowth (promo 18)
    japanese promo flying pikachu ana airlines-plane on RT.
    japanese Uncorrected ancient mew error
    japanese promo flying dragonite ana airlines
    japanese promo pikachu birthday white-star-2nd anniversary
    charizard base set shadow
    charizard base set shadowless
    charizard base set 1. edition

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