Need Some Help Getting Some League Supplies!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by TheDarkTwins, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member


    I need some generous help from other league leaders. My league for some unknown reason accidently missed the Canavale League Season. I would be very appriciative if LL can help me out. I need the following for my League to help run that season -

    30 Players Cards
    90 POP 7 Series Packs (for each of the 3 pop packs earn for each player)
    30 Badges
    30 Foil Energy from that season (If someone could tell me what that is that would be great)

    I appriciate any help I can get.

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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Canalave is Metal foil energy.
    hope that helps.
  3. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    E-mail [email protected] . they can help you out.
  4. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I already did. I have a feeling since we missed it because we forgot to report our numbers that we may not be able to get the stuff anymore. So, just incase I wanted to ask fellow LL that would be willing to help and have extra supplies.

    Jason - Is it? Okay.

  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Have you reported them yet?
  6. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    By the time it was reported it was waaaaay too late, and I beleive (don't hold me to this) that we were told, that we missed the chance for that season.
    I emailed Mike, but I am pretty sure he is swamped with Worlds, next years league season, events, and all that good stuff to have enough free time to properly handle my question. I am patient. I just want to be able to give my players a chance to earn all 8 badges and promo cards, including energy.


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