Need suggestions for my modified legal deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Punpun, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. Punpun

    Punpun New Member

    I have just rebuilt my deck using some cards from the new set and I would like some feedback on it. Please let me know if there is anything in here that seems out of place or doesn't make sense. All suggestions are welcome.

    Pokemon (27- 15 basic // 12 stage 1)
    -Voltorb (sw) x4
    -Electrode (sw) x4
    -Nincada (la) x3
    -Shedinja (la) x3
    -Ninjask (la) x1 (Tech against people with lots of cards in hand? Iunno.)
    -Magikarp (mt) x2
    -Gyarados (mt) x2
    -Baltoy (ge) x2
    -Claydol (ge) x2
    -Unown P(md) x2 (Places damage on Gyarados and Shedinja if necessary.)
    -Unown Q(md) x1 (It's just useful, okay?)
    -Azelf (la) x1 (It's just SO FREAKING USEFUL, okay?)

    Trainers (12):
    -Quick Ball x4 (Fetches Pokémon and thins the deck.)
    -Dusk Ball x4 (Fetches Pokémon and thins the deck.)
    -Warp Point x4 (Helps save a Gyarados in trouble. Tons of fun with zero retreat creatures)

    Supporters (8):
    -Bebe's Search x4 (Great setup help and deck thinning. Allows to pitch an unwanted card.)
    -Professor Oak's Visit x4 (It digs three deep. Who wouldn't want that?)

    Energy (13):
    -Basic Electric x5
    -Call Energy x4
    -Multi Energy x4

    My previous build was basically the same but had 3-3-1 Lucario over the Shedinja and an energy in place of Azelf. The energy base was a tiny bit different too.
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  2. Punpun

    Punpun New Member

    After some thought, I decided to replace the four basic fighting energies with two call energy and two recover energy. I might end up making it just four call energy once I get two more copies. Any thoughts? Anyone? please...? Even if you think it sucks, a reply would be nice. (and if you think that nothing else needs to be changed, I'd like to hear that too!)
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