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Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by ChristianOrtiz, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    when i went to league today it was hot and you had to pay 2$ JUST to go in..

    when i asked why they said..

    Rent issues

    so i guess if there going to keep doing that they might loose some pokemon players :[

    just for the mean time..

    im going to rockafeller center..

    i know alot of people from NY have a pokegym account so yea if you want to go to the concourse/plaza/under nintendo world if you can..

    i am :wink:

    from 12-5ish :p


    cya there.

    hopfuly ill stop by NG this week to talk to tony or nate more about it.
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  2. GaaRa

    GaaRa New Member

    wow ***** said 2$ lmfaooo ... **** no i'm not going to do that ...
  3. Acril

    Acril New Member

    Wow, these guys really know how to stack the inconveniences. Well hopefully its only temporary.
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  4. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    are you serious? ....
  5. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    Heh. After the torture we went through for battle roads, they should pay us $2 for coming to the store as long as that AC stays as weak as it is. I bet all of you would agree with that. :lol:

    In any case, I started coming to league a bit less before this change due to the lack of support from the store as it is now. If this does stick, I won't be coming back for anything other than the tournies.
  6. Carlito

    Carlito New Member

    the place is awful

    -horrible a/c
    -they take forever to catch up to the pop packs,
    -the league with the pop stuff and attention is run horribly
    -ZERO ROOM!! with downstairs being closed off its extremely hard just to get a seat >_>

    The place is bad, real bad. Now they want us to pay 2 buxs for their awful service, i doubt many will continue to go if they charge....
  7. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    I was actually thinking about going there next week. Not anymore.
  8. Duckii

    Duckii New Member

    So it's decided, under Rockefeller 12pm Sunday?
  9. Zero Hax

    Zero Hax New Member

    rockefeller center ftw even though they don't have games. oh well, party at my house after. :thumb:
  10. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    lol, this stinks. League already is terrible, what's taking them so long with the basement?
  11. Acril

    Acril New Member

    The way things are going, I'm just gonna go to Rock Plaza every sunday instead of NG...What does Twinkle think about all this?
  12. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    The league is still free but it costs $2 to enter the store on Sundays.:eek: Whats is going to happen if a tournament is on a Sunday? :nonono:
  13. Acril

    Acril New Member

    I think they're doing it now because they know that all the major tournaments are out of the way. the only kind of tournaments we have to worry about now are league tourneys
  14. mtam22

    mtam22 New Member

    This is unfair.They did not even fix the basement.
  15. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Yea i know =/ Well if people want to go to Rockefeller feel free. They have better AC there anyways. I think they are doing this because there is still not enough space. And as for sanctioned tournaments I don't believe they would charge the fee because the events are suppose to be free. Who knows. I will be emailing T about this though.
  16. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="

    This is completely stupid. I know you may think $2 isn't a big deal, but if you're going to NG every week, it is. Horrible service, horrible surroundings, no AC, and the basement is still closed (for like 4 months now). Kings Games is much worse than Neutral, but still, it doesn't change the fact that they're doing this.

    This is why I like Rockefeller plaza better.
  17. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    thats why i stopped going to lexington. 5 bux to get in every month. i remember it being somewhere around 10 bux for the first month. im lucky ben opened up league in tewksbury. i hate it when places charge money! but good luck for everyone who goes to rockefeller ctr!
  18. Acril

    Acril New Member

    well, if they are only charging 2 bucks on sundays, why not move league to saturdays? seems to me like it would fix the problem.
  19. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    Great idea....Dan?
  20. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Yeah! Saturday is also conveinet for many of us. But it's the Magic players and things =/

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