Neverending Cycle of Magnetic Wrath! (DP-LA)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by PokePockets, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member, really good deck IMO here, this is the list that i use, constructive comments are always appreciated

    3 Magnemite DP
    2 Magneton DP
    3 Magnezone DP
    1 Magnezone Lv.X LA
    2 Electabuzz SW
    2 Electivire SW
    1 Electivire DP
    1 Electivire Lv.X MT
    2 Baltoy GE
    2 Claydol GE
    1 Palkia GE
    1 Palkia Lv.X GE
    2 Dialga MD
    1 Rotom MD

    4 Bebe's Search
    3 Roseanne's Research
    2 Premier Ball
    2 Night Maintenence
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Energy Restore
    4 TM TS-1

    4 Basic Metal
    4 Special Metal
    7 Lightning

    Strategy:Try to set up a cycle of Magnezone Lv.X and Electivire. Magnezone Lv.X can move Metal and Lightining Energy to its self while Electivire gets it from the Discard Pile. Claydol of course if used for draw and consistency. Palkia is used for its Restructure power, bring up whatever you want, attach or have metal energy already attached to give your pokemon free retreat due to Magnezone DP's Poke-Body. Just keep the cycle going for a constant 80 and Paralyzed. Electivire DP makes a great backup attacker when needed, and Electivire Lv.X helps with the discarding of tools and such.

    Still attempting to possibly fit Call Energy in here

    There ya go, like stated above, constructive comments are always appreciated
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  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    I've seen the idea before and I like it, but I don't like the Palkia line.
  3. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    I think the Palkia Magnezone combo is pretty promising. Im not sure exactly HOW fast youre getting everything set-up, but when you do its defidently an excellent deck.

    Two questions though.

    1. How is Mr. Mime useful in this deck? I mean, you can send it out to stall, but thats about the extent. Theres no attack that swithces you out to it.
    2. Any plans to get all of the discarded metal back in the deck? Aggron comes to mind, but a 1-0-1 line is kind of shaky. Ive tested it before, and its not bad.
  4. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    Most Zone decks have been running one Rotom in order to return metals to play if needed.

    I've also noticed the 2-2 Magnezone has not been nearly as efficient as a 3-2-3-1 line. Most of the time when Zone LX hits the field, he locks everything down for an eternity, and you can bring back the Level X through Premier Ball. This version also allows you to tech in one of the two up and coming Zones (whether you're looking for tutor to begin setting another Zone or Electivire up, or want to bring metals back)

    I've opted for Dialga MD instead of Claydol, just because its a pretty effective starter on its own accord, plus can refresh your hand for one energy late game if you desire. Last week I had an opportunity to sneak him out for a turn, brought him up and went from 0 cards to 6. This refresh saved me from a TGW, and also gave me another Magnezone to continue my onslaught. Experiment with it if you want, its actually a lot better than people make it out to be.

    Palkia, and there. He's not very useful if you happen to open with him, which is unfortunate, though the Level X has helped me countless times. I just opted to not use him in my build.

    Also, sneaking in one DP Electivire helps a lot for an alternate attacker and to stop pesky waters., as does Vire Level X, for those who still believe Bubble Coat is useful, in which you can put them in their place for running the stupid card.

    I've opted for 4 Special, 4 Basic, 7 Lightning. Just my build though. And cut the Mime, he's not necessary.
  5. hychu-chan

    hychu-chan New Member

    it's a nice build in mine i use phione and call energy
  6. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    I'd play either Energy Pickup or Energy Restore as a means for getting basic Metal back on the chance your hand is depleted of them for drops. They're both flippy but Energy Restore has excellent odds for you to at least grab 1.

    Maybe you could try dropping the Pokeradar for them.

    I also don't think Mr. Mime is going to be of any use here because you shouldn't need to stall against Kingdra or force it to attach extra energies, and like Umbreon777 said, you aren't playing anything that hits and runs allowing for a switch anyway. You might consider replacing those with a 1-1 Steelix line, because with the benefit of free retreat via Magnezone and the ability to switch energy with the Lv. X, you can do 100 and then on your next turn, either use Palkia lv. X to get it to the bench and then retreat back out for it and do another 100, or retreat for free and switch the energy to something else (likely Magnezone lv. X) and hit with it, allowing you to alternate between Steelix and Magnezone lv. X for a while.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2008
  7. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    I really like the lis. its just this deck doesnt need the palkia X or palkia or mime.

    My Fixes

    - 1 Palkia
    - 1 Palkia X
    - 2 Mime

    +3 Draw Power cards to use with ure Claydol
    + 1 rotom MD
  8. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Cutting the PokeRadar out has been one of my ideas, and i thought about playing Energy Pickup, perhaps Energy Restore.

    The Dialga idea is actually...pretty cool, i like it, not to mention when i don't need cards i can just TM TS-1 it.

    All great ideas, thanks guys, i will be editing the list some time later today

    EDIT:After taking many of your considerations to heart this deck list has gone through some pretty big changes that will hopefully help this deck out
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2008
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