New Blisscatty- with Claydol/Cresselia Lv.X

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pokemaniac93, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    Pokemon: 24

    1-1 Cresselia Lv.X GE
    4-4 Blissey MT
    3-3-1 Catty EX
    2-2 Claydol
    3 Pachy

    Energy; 17

    4 Boost
    2 Holon WP
    4 Water
    7 Psychic

    Trainers: 19

    2 Night Maintenance
    4 Celio's Network
    2 Warp Point
    4 Pluspower
    2 Windstorm
    1 Copycat
    1 TGW(for bad hands)
    2 T.V.Reporter
    1 Roseaanne's Research


    start with Blissey. Bring out catty and Energy Draw to get whatever you need. For the last prize, bring out Catty EX for Upstream. Then, start attacking with Blissey.
  2. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="

    Why Water?
  3. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    becasue of special conditions and Sonic Blade form Gallade.
  4. If you want a Blissey start then why three Pachy? Maybe two then. Gives you room to add a Roseanne's.
  5. pokemaniac93

    pokemaniac93 New Member

    well, i can use CFF to get Chansey, Skitty, and Baltoy.
  6. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    MY suggestion is to drop either the catty or the claydol.. IMO I would drop claydol catty gets the energy in the discard and decks through your deck.. Ussualy in blissy decks people want a blissy start.. This version seems a little inconsistent considering that your spending 2-4 turns setting up all your pokemon... This is my advice

    -2-2 claydol
    -3 pachi
    -3 psychic
    -1 roseanne's
    -1 celios

    +3 fighting energy
    + 2 holon ff (weakness owns you)
    + 3 holon mentor
    + 1 tv reporter
    + 1 bebes (just incase you need to search the catty ex, also puts energy back in the deck for upstream)
    + 1 TGW (1 isnt going to do much)
    +1 windstorm (2 isnt going to do much against decks that play crystal beach and Cess crystal.)
  7. pokeball S

    pokeball S New Member

    keep in the claydol
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