new edition pokemon card(cancelled)

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by Alex, Oct 21, 2003.

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  1. Alex

    Alex New Member

    The goal of this contest is to chooose any poke'mon in the series and make a new edition of it. entrees will be
    judged by points out of 100 in several categories.

    pokemon power
    hit points

    Contest begins october 22 and ends november 22.all entreees must be in by november 21.
    no late entrees accepted ;)
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  2. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek New Member

    Dark Dodrio
    120 HP
    Rare Holo
    Poke-Body-Three Heads Are Better Than One!
    Before your turn, flip three coins. For each heads, put one damage counter on the defending Pokemon. This Power stops working if Dark Dodrio is affected by a special condition.
    (C)(C)(C)(C) Triple Drill Peck 20x
    Flip 3 coins. For each head, this attack does 20 times the number of heads.
    (C)(C)(C)(C)(C) Tri Attack 30x
    Flip 3 coins. This attack does 30 times the number of heads. If one is heads, the defending Pokemon is Burned. If 2 heads, the opponent is Poisoned and Burned. If all 3 are heads, the opponent is Poisoned, Burned, and Paralyzed.
    Weakness: (L)
    Resistance: (F)
    Retreat: (C)(C)(C)(C)
    The picture shows an angry Dodrio chasing a Bellsprout in the forrest.
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  3. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Red alert!

    The contest is cancelled!Irepeat the contest is cancled!This is rediculous!Four whole days and only one entry is plain disgusting!Thanks for posting poke'geek!And scince you were the only entry you win by default. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: My main argument is 60 people view here ad only one posts?!Now that my friends is complete bullcrap. :mad:

    :unknown-a :unknown-l :unknown-e :unknown-x
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