New Format control. Work in progress.(Article included!)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by The Knee, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. The Knee

    The Knee New Member

    Spoilers for the New exeggutor and exeggcute are at the bottom of the article.

    Pokemon-19(11 Basics) May cut down.

    3x Exeggutor
    3x Exeggcute

    2x Cresselia
    1x Cresselia lv.X

    4x Murkrow
    3x Honchkrow
    1x Honchkrow lv.X

    1x Baltoy
    1x Claydol

    Trainers-23(need reliable discard here.)

    4x Moonlight Stadium
    2x Premier ball
    4x Quick ball
    4x Bebe's search
    3x Rossanne's research
    2x Team Galactics wager
    4x Team Galactic Mars
    4x Night matinence

    Energies- 14

    7x Darkness energy
    5x Psychic energy
    2x Call energy

    It may not look like much, because it isn't much at all. Yet. The Start is simple, using the massive amounts of balls, search, and other forms, get out Exeggutor Asap. As soon as an exeggutor is set-up, begin to diminish your hand. Fill your bench, use wager followed by stadiums, balls, bench filling, etc. Then use the energyless wonder.

    [.] Psychic Strategy: Each player counts the number of cards in the opponent's hand, then returns his or her hand to his or her deck and shuffles it. Then, each player draws cards from his or her deck up to the number of cards that were in the opponent's hand (you draw your cards first).

    After using this attack, if your hand was 0-1 cards, you should be good to go. 2-3 you might be okay. 4 or more: Try again next time.

    After using the psychic strategy, your hand should be larger then your opponents. You can take several actions from here. Setting up honchkrow is ideal, but if you aren't quite there yet, bring out a cresselia next turn in order to control your opponents draw. They are topdecking what you tell them to topdeck. At this point, the game is all but won. Get out a Honchkrow and go to town on their hand, or get back what you need to win.

    This deck has a few major problems however, and i have absolutely no idea how to counter them.

    This deck is frequently a turn faster then claydol/baltoy being that Exeggutor is usually out by turn 2. However on the off chance that they get a T2 claydol out, i need a way to circumvent that issue. I'm looking at anyway to stop claydol. Im not picky how. A tech, anything. I just can't seem to find a way around it.

    The other problem is Chatot(MD) This really really causes problems. Basically is as close to a 1 card counter as possible. You can psychic stall by continuously lowering their hand with Egz, but....meh.

    It's not so much a finished product as it is a rough draft, however, i feel it can be a surprise deck, that, outside of two cards(Claydol and Chatot) Is incredibly hard to match-up well against.

    I really appreciate help.
  2. lestatxxx

    lestatxxx New Member

    No quick , no mars, use rotom and energy patch (LA) more speed deck is very slow energy accel!!
  3. Bruggy

    Bruggy New Member

    I dont know that i like the eggs dp on untill something big gets out there i think it will be a big mag/leaf game so you want to check your fire weakness
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