New Jersey Pokemon Farewell Multiformat, 8/23/03

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  1. KrisAlvarez

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    Time Warp Comics will hold a tournament for Pokemon as a farewell and a thanks to Wizards for their involvement with Pokemon TCG. Here are the details (which are also located at )

    When is it?
    August 23, 2003. Check in time is at 1:30 PM.

    What type of tournament is this?
    This will a multi-format tournament.

    First, players will play 3 rounds of Theme Deck Challenge. Every player will be given a random Theme Deck from various sets and 2-1st Edition Rocket boosters to build a 40 card deck.

    Then all participants will play in 3 rounds of Swiss Modified Constructed rounds.

    Finally, the scores will be combined of these 2 formats to come up with the top 4 players (Top 8 if attendance is 24+) who will then compete in a Gym Series Booster Draft Single Elimination to decide a winner.

    What do I need to bring with me to the Multi-Format Tournament?
    You will need to bring $15 for the entry fee, a 60-card deck that is legal in the Modified Constructed format (DCI Sanctioned, so we're following DCI Pokemon Modified rules) NO NINTENDO EX: RUBY AND SAPPHIRE ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT! It’s not required, but try to bring your own basic energy.

    Prizes and more information at the site listed above.

    If you plan on attending, please reply. We'd like to see how many will show.
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  2. KrisAlvarez

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    Just a reminder to anyone in the area of the tournament this weekend. If you'll be in the area, try to come to this tournament. For more information, visit .

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