New League in South West Michigan/North East Indiana (Benton Harbor, MI)

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by Setstage, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    This league will be meeting every Saturday
    Topp's Trading Center
    Benton Harbor, MI 49022

    If you live in south west Michigan and have intrest in pokemon tcg or vg come on down and be apart of this new league.
    I know there must be people interested as the nearest league to this area is 3 hour drive.

    We will meet every [DEL]Sunday[/DEL] Saturday starting March 27th, 2011. Contact the league by email located on the linked page if you are interested but can't make it.

    Topp's Trading Center in Benton Harbor, MI exit 29 off of I-94
    If you live in St. Joseph, Stevensville, Benton Harbor, LaPorte, Niles, Bridgeman, Kalamazoo, South Haven, Holland or anywhere in SWMichigan or North East Indiana stop in and help be a part of starting up this league.

    We will primarily be playing in the MD-On format and preparing for Regionals and Nationals as well as preparing for the new format.

    Come join the fun.
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  2. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Alright first meeting went off with some hitches but no major problems in the coming weeks as we figure this out things will be bumpy but we will try to stabalize things more

    Firstly the league will be moved to Saturdays and next weeks meeting will be from 9am-11am
    And the league will continue on every saturday then on at 12pm-2pm

    So come catch us next week Sat Apr. 2 from 9-11 and each following saturday from 12-2 starting Apr. 9th
  3. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    This past Saturday's meeting was canceled due to extenuating circumstances, but GREAT news trainers.

    The league will be meeting for sure at Topp's on Saturdays from 12-2pm

    Our LEAGUE KIT IS HERE, that's right if you show up and start playing the tcg or vg you can start earning promos.

    Still waiting on P!P IDs from Pokemon but from my understanding there is a large scale shortage of them right now. But even if you don't have a POP ID you can start playing games to work toward your rewards.

    Also please note the following Saturday, the 16th is the date of regionals. Myself and a few other league members will be going. Consequently there will be no meeting for that day but double stamps will be offered the following Saturday to make up for this day off. For more information on that sanctioned event attend our next meeting this Saturday.
  4. jestrada

    jestrada New Member

    Pokemon Card League Tomorrow

    Hi I was wondering if the pokemon card league in benton harbor is still on on saturdays. I showed up last saturday, but no one was there. I have a younger brother that is interested in playing, and I could play too if more people were needed. I have another brother and friend who will play as well.
  5. Setstage

    Setstage Member

    Yes we will be there tomorrow from 12 to 2, just stop by and we will be playing in the spare room at topps. We took a week off due to a large tournament in South Bend that weekend, stop by Tomorrow morning!

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