New League in St. Louis!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by UnstoppablePokeMomx4, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Im excited to announce a New :pokeball:pokemon:pokeball: League forming here in St. Louis!

    Its going to be at the Animagination South County location! It is where we had a Cities held at.

    League info is as follows:
    Date: Starts Friday, March 21, 2008 & every Friday following
    Time: 6:00pm
    Address: 6055 Telegraph Road, Saint Louis, MO 63129 (2.5 miles west of 270)
    Phone: (314) 293-1800
    It is in the Torri Pines Plaza. There is 2 entrances to get into the plaza, & if you dont know where it is, you will pass the 1st one but you can go to the street at the light by the Wal-Greens which is ERB. Turn Right, & you will see the plaza on your Right & it is located next to the Papa Johns. I believe the store just has Games & Comics over the door, it doesnt say AnImagination!

    We will have door prizes, Poke goodies, & LOTS of fun for our Opening League Night so please plan on coming out! Make sure to bring a friend, or two! :thumb:

    Need more info, you can always visit our homepage at, message me here, or call the store for info!

  2. GrandDaddy

    GrandDaddy New Member

    GOOD LUCK With the New League Melissa. See you guys at Nationals...!!!!

    See All of You Guys & Gals on the "Pokemon Trail",

    GrandDaddy (Gary):thumb:
  3. lilgroudon

    lilgroudon New Member

    Me, Loco, Dwight, and Ross will show up on fridays as well.
  4. THANKS Granddaddy! Being under Vinces wing Im praying all turns out! Hey I just figured out who you are...lo l How the heck are you? And YES, you will see us at Nats! Granma bought us all our badges for Christmas so were already paid in fill! WOOHOOO!

    Lil G...That will be AWESOME! The more pros we have there, the easier it will be to get the newer players excited about Pokemon!

    Im sooo looking forward to this! Its certainly a new venture for me, but I think Im up to the challenge!

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  5. Just brining this back to the top!
    Were about to head out!

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