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  1. Slopokepoke

    Slopokepoke New Member

    Here could you help me with ideas for this set?

    1 /113 Claydol
    2 /113 Exploud
    3 /113 Flygon
    4 /113 Flygon
    5 /113 Groudon
    6 /113 Kyogre
    7 /113 Latias
    8 /113 Latios
    9 /113 Metagross
    10 /113 Metagross
    11 /113 Milotic
    12 /113 Rayquaza
    13 /113 Regice
    14 /113 Regirock
    15 /113 Registeel
    16 /113 Salamence
    17 /113 Shedinja
    18 /113 Walrein
    19 /113 Whiscash
    20 /113 Leichi Berry
    21 /113 Altaria
    22 /113 Absol
    23 /113 Banette
    24 /113 Claydol
    25 /113 Crawdaunt
    26 /113 Grumpig
    27 /113 Glalie
    28 /113 Gorebyss
    29 /113 Huntail
    30 /113 Masquerain
    31 /113 Metang
    32 /113 Ninjask
    33 /113 Relicanth
    34 /113 Roselia
    35 /113 Sealeo
    36 /113 Swalot
    37 /113 Vibrava
    38 /113 Beldum
    39 /113 Camerupt
    40 /113 Castform
    41 /113 Charmeleon
    42 /113 Chimecho
    43 /113 Clampearl
    44 /113 Crawdaunt
    45 /113 Loudred
    46 /113 Metang
    47 /113 Skarmory
    48 /113 Shellgon
    49 /113 Spheal
    50 /113 Tropius
    51 /113 Vibrava
    52 /113 Whiscash
    53 /113 Bagon
    54 /113 Baltoy
    55 /113 Baltoy
    56 /113 Barboach
    57 /113 Barboach
    58 /113 Beldum
    59 /113 Charmander
    60 /113 Corphish
    61 /113 Feebas
    62 /113 Gulpin
    63 /113 Luvdisc
    64 /113 Nincada
    65 /113 Nincada
    66 /113 Numel
    67 /113 Numel
    68 /113 Shuppet
    69 /113 Snorunt
    70 /113 Spinda
    71 /113 Spoink
    72 /113 Surskit
    73 /113 Surskit
    74 /113 Swablu
    75 /113 Trapinch
    76 /113 Whismur
    77 /113 Max Potion
    78 /113 Salac Berry
    79 /113 Sitrus Berry
    80 /113 Dark Cube 02
    81 /113 Fighting Cube 02
    82 /113 Fire Cube 02
    83 /113 Grass Cube 02
    84 /113 Great Ball
    85 /113 Lightening Cube 02
    86 /113 Metal Cube 02
    87 /113 Psychic Cube 02
    88 /113 Steven
    89 /113 Ultra Ball
    90 /113 Wally
    91 /113 Water Cube 02
    92 /113 Brendan
    93 /113 Cheri Berry
    94 /113 Chesto Berry
    95 /113 Energy Return
    96 /113 May
    97 /113 Pecha Berry
    98 /113 Persim Berry
    99 /113 Rawst Berry
    100 /113 Charizard Ex
    101 /113 Entei Ex
    102 /113 Kangaskhan Ex
    103 /113 Onix Ex
    104 /113 Tyranitar Ex
    105 /113 Fighting Energy E
    106 /113 Fire Energy E
    107 /113 Grass Energy E
    108 /113 Lightening Energy E
    109 /113 Psychic Energy E
    110 /113 Water Energy E
    111 /113 Darkness Energy E
    112 /113 Metal Energy E
    113 /113 Rainbow Energy E
    114 /113 Deoxys Ex (Ultra rare reverse holograpgic card)
    115 /113 Jirachi Ex (Ultra rare
  2. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Exploud 90hp :colorless:
    Stage 2 Pokemon (evolves from Loudred)

    PokeBODY: Soundproof
    Exploud cannot be Asleep or Confused by the effect of your opponent's Pokemon's attack.

    (C)(C) Uproar 30
    Flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokemon is now confused. If tails, Exploud is know confused.

    (C)(C)(C) Hyper Voice 50
    Does 50 damage to each defending Pokemon.

    Weakness: (F)
    Resistance: (P) -30
    Retreat Cost: (C)(C)(C)
  3. surfingpika

    surfingpika New Member

    Basic pokemon
    (f) type

    Retreat cost(c)(c)(c)

    Pokebody: Multi power If Groudon has any (r) or (f) energy attached to it, you may make any or all of those energies (r) or (f).

    (f)(f)(f) Earthquake 60 This attack does 10 damage to all of your benched pokemon

    (r)(r)(r)(r) Eruption 100- Before figuring the damage for this attack, flip a coin, if heads, you may discard as many (r) energies off of Groudon as you want. For every (r) energy you discard in this way, you may remove 2 damage counters from Groudon. Then this attack does 100 damage minus 10 damage for every damage counters on Groudon.

    Basic Pokemon
    (w) Type


    (w)(c) Calm mind Until the end of your next turn, Kyrouge takes 20 less damage from non-(c) pokemon(before applying weakness and resistance), and Kyrouge's Overflow does 20 extra damage.

    (w)(w)(w) Overflow 50+ Flip a coin, if heads, this attack does 50 damage plus 20 more damage for every (w) energy attached to Kyrouge that does not pay for the attack cost. If tails, this attack does 50 damage.

    (w)(w)(w)(w) Recover Discard 3 (w) energies in order to remove all damage counters from Kyrouge.
  4. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    Umm this is my first reply ever sooo yah

    70 HP
    Retreat cost (*)

    Dark Bind 10
    (D) Flip a coin; if head the defending pokemon cannot retreat unil the end of your opponents next turn.

    Transparent Slash
    (D)(*)(*) Choose any of your opponents pokemon and do 40 to it. (Dont apply weakness or resistance to benched pokemon)

    Onix EX
    110 HP
    Retreat cost(*)(*)(*)

    EX rule

    Rock Tumbling 40
    (F)(F) Choose one of your opponents benched pokemon and do 20 to it. (Dont apply weakness or resistance for bench pokemon). You may not use this attack next turn.

    Ground Blast 70
    (F)(F)(F)(*) Does 10 damage to all pokemon in play. (Excluding Onix EX)
  5. Eevee234

    Eevee234 New Member

    Basic Pokemon Type:psychic
    In your next turn remove 3 damage counters from Latias.
    (P)(P)(P)(P)Psychic Rage 60+
    Flip a coin if heads this damge does 60 plus 20 more damage, if tails this attacks does 60 damage.

    Retreat Cost:***
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  6. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    Entei EX
    110 HP
    Weakness (W)
    Retreat cost(*)(*)

    EX rule

    Pokemon Power: Soul of Fire: Flip 3 coins; for each heads choose 2 energy cards from your deck and put them into your hand. shuffle your deck afterwords. you may not use this power if Entei EX is effected by a special condition.

    Burning Soul
    Choose 2 energy cards from your hand and attach it to any of your fire pokemon. you may not use this attack next turn.
    Blazing Flame 80
    Discard a (R) energy in order to use this attack. this attack does 80 to all of your opponents active pokemon. if your opponents has any bench pokemon then choose one of them and do 20 to it.(dont apply weakness or resistance to benched pokemon)
  7. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    I guess since no one else is gonna make a reply i will

    Hp 40
    Retreat Cost(*)

    pokemon power
    Hard Head
    For every (M) energy attached to Beldum put ten more damageon the defending pokemon (apply after weakness and resistance) this power doesnt work if Beldum is affected by a special condition.

    Take Down 20
    (*)Beldum does ten damage to itself.

    Retreat Cost(*)(*)

    Pokemon Power
    Psy Transmission
    If there are any (P) energys attached to one of your benched pokemon you may attach it to your active. This power doesnt work if Metang is Affected by a special condition.

    Kinetic Crush 30+
    (P)(P)(*)Does 30 damage plus the amount of energy attached to your opponents active pokemon minus the amount of energy attached to Metang.

    Retreat Cost(*)(*)(*)(*)

    Pokemon Power
    Vibrant Metal
    All energys attached to Metagross count as metal energy. This power doesnt work if Metagross is affected by a special condition

    Meteor Crash 90
    (M)(M)(M)(M) Flip a coin; If heads the defending pokemon is now paralyzed. If tails put 3 damage counters on metagross and Metagross may not use this attack next turn. either way this attack does 10 damage to all of your opponents benched pokemon.
  8. pydogg

    pydogg New Member

    (54) Baltoy 60HP (P)
    Pokepower: Sandstorm during the draw phase of each player's turn, flip a coin; If heads, place 1 damage counter on each of their active pokemon (don't apply weak/resist). This cant be used if baltoy has a spec. condition

    (P) Calm Mind
    for each damage counter on baltoy, place the same number on the defending pokemon.

    weakness (G)
    resistance (F)-30
    retreat cost (C)

    (55) Baltoy 50HP (F)

    (C) Spin 20

    (F)(F) Reconstruct 10
    Flip a coin, if heads remove 2 damage counters off of Baltoy

    weakness (G)
    resistance (F)-30
    retreat cost (C)

    (1) Claydol 100HP (P)

    Poke-Power: All Sight
    Once during your turn (before you attack) you may peek at your opponent's top 3 cards in the deck and rearrange them as you like.
    this can't be used if Claydol is affected by a spec. condition

    (P)(P) Reflect
    all damage done to your side of the field is reduced by 20 (after applying weak/resist). This lasts for 3 turns

    (C)(C)(C) Ancientpower 10+
    Flip 4 coins. If 1 is heads, this attack does 10 damage + 20 more. If it is 2 heads, this attack does 10 damage + 20 more and 1 defending pokemon is now poisoned. If 3 or more are heads, this attack does 10 damage + 40 more and 1 defending pokemon is poisoned and confused.

    weakness (G)
    resistance (F)-30
    retreat cost (C)(C)

    all right, im goin to bed..
  9. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    Retreat Cost (*)

    Fury Swipes 10*
    (*) Flip 4 coins; this attack does 10 times the number of heads.

    (R)(*) Flip a coin; if tails discard a (R) energy attached to Charmander

    Stage 1
    (put charmeleon on charmander)
    70 HP
    Retreat Cost(*)

    Fire Build Up
    (R) Attach a (R) energy card from your hand and attach it to Charmeleon

    Returning Flame
    (R)(R)(*) Return a (R) energy card to your hand. Then choose one of your opponenets pokemon with energys attached to it and return one of those energys to your opponents hand.

    Charizard EX
    Stage 2
    (put Charizard on Charmeleon)
    160 HP
    Retreat Cost (*)(*)
    EX rule

    Pokemon Power
    Flame of the Dragon
    If there are any (R) energys in your hand attach one of those energys and attach it to Charizard EX and if you have any (R) in your discard pile you may attach one of those (R) energys card to Charizard EX

    Wide Spread Fire Blast 120
    (R)(R)(R)(R) you may discard a (R) card attached to Charizard EX in order to have the base damage 60 and do 20 to all of your opponents benched pokemon either way you must discard 2 (R) energys attached to Charizard EX
  10. pydogg

    pydogg New Member

    Numel (F) 40HP

    (F) Minor Earthquake 10

    (F)(F)(C) Mass Eruption 50-
    This attack does 50 damage - 10 damage for each damage counter on Numel.

    Weak (W)
    Retreat (C)

    Numel (R) 50HP

    (Poke-Power) Dull Mind
    For each damage counter on Numel, attach basic one energy from the discard pile.

    (R)(R)Mass Eruption 40-
    This attack does 40 damage - 10 damage for each damage counter on Numel.

    Weak (W)
    Retreat (C)
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  11. EsPeOnEX

    EsPeOnEX New Member

    40 HP
    Retreat Cost(*)

    Bounce 20
    (*)Spoink does 10 damage to itself

    Mind Reader
    (P)(P) if your opponent tries toattack Spoink he/she must flip a coin if tails that attack does nothing

    Retreat Cost(*)(*)

    Pokemon Power
    Flip a coin if heads search your deck for any spoinks and put them into your hand if tails search your deck for any grumpigs and put it into your hand.

    Team Psychic 40+
    (P)(P)(P)Count all the Grumpigs and Spoinks in play, for each one this attack does 40 damage plus 10 more damage.
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  12. pydogg

    pydogg New Member

    you forgot the cost of team psychic

    Camerupt (R) 90HP
    (Poke-Body) Magma Armor
    Camerupt cannot be burned

    (R)(R) Lava Judgement 40
    flip a coin, if tails this attack does nothing

    (R)(R)(R)(C) Ash Eruption 70

    Weak (W)
    retreat (C)(C)(C)
  13. pydogg

    pydogg New Member

    Flygon (F) 100HP

    (C) Foresight
    Look at your opponent's hand. Designate one and your opponent cannot use it until your next turn.

    (F)(F)(F) Deadly Drain 10+
    For each damage counter on your benched pokemon, this attack does 10 damage more.

    weak (R)
    resist (F)-30
    retreat (C)(C)

    Flygon (G) 100HP

    (Poke-Power) Ignition Drain
    once during a turn (before you attack) you may move 1 damage counter off of 1 of your own benched pokemon and add it on to 1 of your opponent's benched pokemon (but you can't knock 1 out). This cant be used if Flygon has a special condition

    (G)(G)(G) Needle Drain 30
    remove a number of damage counters off of Flygon equal to the damage you did with this attack.

    Weak (R)
    resist (F)-30
    retreat (C)(C)
  14. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    10 HP
    :grass: :psychic: Type

    Poke-Body: Strange sheild
    Prevent all damage done to Shedinja unless Shedinja is weak to the attacking pokemon. This power works even if Shedinja is affected by a special condition.
    1st Attack: Fury Cutter (GC)
    This attack's base damage is increased by 10 each sucsessive turn that this attack is used. If a turn is missed, restart the base damage. 10
    2nd Attack: Ghostly Slash (PPG)
    Choose 1 of your opponent's pokemon and do 30 damage to that pokemon. Then, count the number of damage counters on any 1 of your pokemon. Do that much damage to the defending pokemon.

    Weakness: :fire: :lightning Darkness
    Reatreat Cost:~~~~~
  15. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    Basic :colorless
    120 EX HP

    Poke-Power: Dragon Recharge
    This power can only be used one turn after Rayquaza uses it's Hyper Beam attack. Flip a coin. If heads, move any number of energy cards from your bench to Rayquaza. If tails, choose one of your benched pokemon and count the number of energies attatched to that pokemon. Remove that many damage counters from Rayquaza.
    Dragon Shift (c)
    Discard an energy attached to Rayquaza to use this attack. Next turn, Rayquaza's type (color) becomes the same as the energy card discarded. 10
    Hyper Beam (RA*,C,C,C)
    Discard all energy attached to rayquaza. Choose 1 of your opponent's pokemon and discard all energies attached to it. 100

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