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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by sirhobethc3, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member

    1. trade to us residents only
    2. trade english cards for english cards only
    3. i honor ref rules but if you want to send 1st i wont complain lol
    4. i price from averaging recently completed ebay listings and alot of the time i am very generous
    5. i dont care if its rotating soon a price is a price. i will not hold newer cards to a higher standard
    6. i know smeargle is pretty good but im not trading my arm for dont ask me to i will ignore you


    pachurisu ( call of legends)
    Smeargle (CL)
    Pokemon Collector RH
    DCE RH
    COL energies
    Donphan prime


    Charizard Sleeves
    Charizard Deckbox
    Black and White sleeves
    Black and white deckboxes
    other cool sleeves and deckboxes

    Pokemon Black Version (the game)


    lvl Xs
    Giratina x
    gliscor x
    absol g x
    regigigas x promo
    reayquaza x
    dialga g x(decked)
    Gallade 4 x
    machamp x
    alakazam 4 x
    mewtwo x promo
    palkia g x(decked)
    raichu x
    blaziken fb x
    charizard g x
    salamance x
    absol g x

    meganium prime
    crobat prime
    tyranitar prime
    houndoom prime
    feraligatr prime
    umbreon prime
    raichu prime
    machmp prime
    yanmega prime
    absol prime
    celabi prime
    gengar prime
    electrode prime
    mew prime
    kingdra prime
    lanturn prime
    magnezone prime
    donphan prime

    entei&raikou bottom
    suicune& entei bottom
    palkia& dialga bottom
    palkia& dialga top
    darkrai& cresselia bottom
    darkrai& cresselia top

    vs seeker
    expert belt RH
    prof elms training method RH
    copy cat
    cynthias feelings
    interviews questions
    prof oaks new theory
    warp point
    luxury ball
    burned tower
    poke turns RH
    flower shop lady
    pokemon communication
    rare candy RH
    rare candy
    cyrus initiative
    energy gain
    poke gear
    good rod RH
    legend box
    scoop up
    poke drawer
    poke rescues
    ruins of alf
    sp radar
    snow point temple
    black belt RH
    indigo plateau RH
    Power spray
    junk arm RH
    Broken Time Space
    pokemon rescue RH

    Double colorless RH (hard to get from me...just saying)
    rescue energy RH
    call energy RH

    other good cards

    RR Gengar RH(decked)
    SF machamp RH
    4x Arceus Spritomb 1 RH
    arceus charizard
    flying pikachu
    crobat g
    MD mewtwo
    HGSS ninetales RH
    UD vileplume
    UD smeargle RH

    i have multiples of some stuff so if your looking for more than one just ask
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2011
  2. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    will u do

    my lost world

    ur machamp prime

    lmk or counter thanks :)
  3. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member

    ok my counter is


    lost world x3


    lost world x2
    feraligatr prime (pack)

    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  4. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    I have 4 Pachirisui 3 holo, 1 reverse and 1 rev holo mime col. interested in Gengar Prime. CYl also for possible additions. Thanks
  5. dreamdemon

    dreamdemon New Member

    I have all or ur card wants unlisted. U can cml for gengar and mew prime. I know there worth more.
  6. DarkVoid

    DarkVoid New Member

    My: Lost world x2, Pachi Holo

    Your: Mew prime
  7. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    how about
    my lost world magnium prime promo and a fegaligatr prime promo
    for ur
    machamp prime????
    lmk or counter thanks :)
  8. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    May you please see my list and tell me what you'd be interested for any of these cards of yours:
    Gengar Prime
    Mew Prime
    RH Poke Turn
  9. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    gengar prime
    mew prime
    Double colorless RH

    i have:

    pachurisu ( call of legends)
    lost world
    Mr. Mime (call of legends)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  10. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    pls cml for

    Double colorless RH
    rescue energy RH
  11. techdeck101

    techdeck101 New Member

    HI, please CML for:

    Gengar X
    Gengar Prime
    Blazeiken FB X

  12. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    cml for Machamp Prime, DCE and Defender please :3
  13. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member


    4 pachirisui
    mew prime
    donphan prime


    gengar prime

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:01 PM ----------

    didnt see anything sorry man

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:05 PM ----------


    mew prime


    lost world x3
    pachi holo


    lost world x2
    pachi holo
    pachi rev

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:06 PM ----------

    previous counter is my final offer

  14. techdeck101

    techdeck101 New Member

    Skipped? Take your time. d:-D
  15. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member

    didnt see anything sorry

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:16 PM ----------

    sorry nothing i see for those

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:26 PM ----------

    sorry i see nothing for those

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:32 PM ----------

    didnt see anything i wanted for those and i didnt skip you i went from the latest post down. i was assuming thats how its supposed to go but i dont do this alot lol but i know you werent being a jerk and i am not trying to be

  16. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    i have a lost world.........i'm pretty sure it is listed
  17. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member

    legend box and ultimate stadium for how many defenders?

    ---------- Post added 03/09/2011 at 08:45 PM ----------

    o sorry lol


    lost world


    RH rescue energy

  18. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    i dont have the pack fgatr prime no more i traded it like 3 days srry
  19. sirhobethc3

    sirhobethc3 New Member


    lost world x2
    ampharos prime


    machamp prime

    value wise its even. theres my counter

  20. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    nah id rather get the rh dce and still lost world is apparently worth more than that
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