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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by |PoKeY|, Apr 17, 2004.

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  1. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    NH States
    Silver Dragon
    Amherst, NH

    Well i'll start off by saying that ditto sk is evil...

    I get there at around 9:30... and it starts at 11, hoping to get the 3 oracles, delcatty, combusken and bex that i still needed for my deck. Well i got everything but the bex... and had to trade entei ex for delcatty..

    so i got panicky and decided to put a switch in for the bex's spot....prooved to be worth it.

    So the deck:
    2 RayquazaEX
    1 Blaziken EX
    3 Blaziken-firestarter
    2 Combusken(lunge)
    4 Torchic- 2 dr/ singe
    4 Dunsparce
    2 Skitty - Double Edge
    2 Delcatty

    Trainers 21
    4 Rare Candy
    4 TV Reporter
    4 POR
    4 Oracle
    1 Town Vol
    2 Warp Point
    2 High Pressure System
    1 Switch

    3 Multi Energy
    15 :fire: Energy

    Well there were 15 in the 15+, i think 11 in the 11-14 and 3 for the 10- sections.
    Most of the players were from Mass and from TJ's Crew, but the NHMO had some representation there too, which was nice to see. The SIlver Dragon was a nice place and I was surprised about the size for a plaza shop.

    Well i saw some swampertsex going on and i was worried about playing fire, and since i hate being metagamed i was a little nervous.

    It was 4 rounds with cuts at Final 4... which felt odd...

    *Note that i started off with lone rayquaza at least 5 times on the day..*

    First Round- Vs Tom with Omastar/Aggron...
    Lone ray... he gets fossil up along with like aron.... I had a chance to stop his fossil early but choose not to waste a multi early and he got omastar out... but regardless i get set up and speed is why you dont play aggron...
    1-0, 3 points

    2nd Round vs. Maria with BAR
    Sad start... Sparce, Skitty- her, sparce skitty.... mirror... she rolls a 1 i get a 2.... Basically however got catty up first won... and luckily it was me...
    2-0, 6 points

    3rd Round vs Will- toms brother. with Garde...
    Once again lone ray.. he has lone ralts... get fire on ray, he sleeps me i get heads.. get 2nd fire, sleeps me i get heads, oaks research and get multi... booom
    3-0, 9 Points

    Lunchbreak- free pizza courtesy of pokemon... while were on this break, me, nick kenny and the kid that won the 11-14 (forgot ya name and they just called u psycho kid so it didnt help) played team battle
    and it was basically down to me and nick with 1 prize left when we had to start the final round
    Pizza was ok/good. There were spice paks there... I got tempted... so i downed it and was that stupid it was kind of spicy so i was kind of angry at that... but whatever.

    At This point its just me and Nick C. aka =-->]-[0t (V)uSt|d<--= are alone and undefeated at the top.

    4th Round- Vs. Nick C. with Kingdra Ex
    We draw because it guarentees us both 1 and 2 seeds for the regular rounds.
    We decide to play it out for fun and i won.
    3-0-1- 10 pts...

    Final 4- Me (Pure Bex) vs. WIll (Garde)
    Nick C. (Kingdra EX) vs Alan (Fossils)

    Nick slightly won i think.

    F4- Vs WIll with garde
    Lone rayquaza.... This was probably the worst start in pokemon history... Takes about Turn 20 to get a oaks research. At this point, im down 5 prizes to 2. After i get the por i go with sparce and i get 15 straight heads vs a wobbuffet and garde ex. I finally have 2 blazikens and a delcatty out at this point.
    Hes got 2 garde ex, 1 garde, wynaut with 4 on it, a ditto (which i didnt notice) At this point its 3-2 him on prizes....
    and this is where i pull the grady little so to speak.
    What i dont realize is that he has a ditto on his bench (its near his discard so i confuse it) And he finally puts his garde ex up... I've had rayquaza loaded for that beast for the whole game almost... However i have a blaze with 1 energy active... and a bex w/ 2 nrgs after firestarters, anohter naked blaze, and naked catty and the loaded ray on the bench... i have no more fires left in my discard for some unlogical reason that i cant realize. I can either wait a turn basically and stream to ko the wynaut and then dragon burst or dragon burst not realizing the ditto sitting right in front of me and i had the brain fart...
    I stupidly dragon burst his stupid garde ex. and he dittos me...and starts like jumping for joy... I wont be able to sleep for weeks because of this.

    Nick C. ends up winning... which is a good thing, i didn't want will to win, knowing that i shouldve been in the finals regardless anyways.. he isnt that good of a player, just lucky in a sense.I'd feel comfortable knowing that someone who deserved/earned it wining, would allow me to get maybe 10 minutes of sleep this week. Nick basicallys creams him and wins it all...

    Jacob, my little apprentice basically, ends up winning the 10- and pulls bex, raikou ex and sceptile ex out of his box the lil rat.

    I get nine packs and get crap like a holo tm rhydon, tm groudon and like that was it.

    There was a 2nd tourney and the only thing differ were the decks and i convince jacob to let me borrow his bex for the tourney and id give him a swampert to use it.
    Every is basically tired and are using other decks like tm or ta decks...

    1st round i win versus Jed (from my league) hes palying a ta deck and hes 7 years old and i basically take it easy and grab the win.
    1-0- 3 pts

    2nd Round- Psycho Kid, forgot his name... hes playing stupid lil tm aggron...
    lone ray....We're like both hyper and like everyturn we are mentioning the rape word with aggron or blex or rayquaza, i dont really get a good setup and his aggron is evil and i despise the crapface and its crush attack... pure evil..
    1-1-3 pts

    3rd Round- Zoe-from my league.. with umm something i forget..
    i won pretty bad forgot about this one...
    2-1- 6pts

    4th round vs nick c. with his aqua.
    Lone Torchic with no energy.. He gets manectric out early
    and get dark and dre and kos me turn 2
    2-2 6 points.

    I end up in 6th getting 10 packs- ta kyogre, caccturn, rhydon, entei ex.
    This girl, Chelsea i think..., who was nicknamed sal won with garde beating nick... FINALLY remembered psycho kid's name....

    It was like 530 and i was dead... im glad its only a 20 minute drive...

    Brian, Tj and the other judges for a good job
    Jacob, winning the 10-
    Nick for winning it.
    Brian for trading me some oracles
    Me for owning the regular rounds
    Finally A PRemier event in New Hampshire

    Ditto SK- DIE you stupid card
    Me pulling a Grady Little
    Will for beating me
    Me for having to skip a track meet for this... but i do have a pulled calf...
    TM Aggron he can die too
    No one trading their bex to me... even went i offered practically 4 pages of reverse holos...
    3rd place isnt as yummy as 1st or 2nd
    Little Caesar's Spice Paks...
    This long to get a dang premier event in New Hampshire...
  2. Venusaur

    Venusaur Active Member

    too bad you didn't get 1st. That would've been a good show for #pojo :(
  3. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    ya but i got shafted.. with that ditto so close to the discard pile....
  4. Hot Mustid

    Hot Mustid New Member

    oh, btw, i didnt slightly beat alan, i beat him down. it was a shutout i think
  5. Monkey

    Monkey <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    haha yeah, i got pwned! I only KOed your dunsparce i think lol.
  6. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    So, Gardy wins over BEX. Hooray!! Sounds like you got beaten by a better player. Your report
    reeks of poor sportsmanship, basicially dissing even those players who chose not to trade Bex and Oracles with you. In your report, you state that it was YOUR mistake that you didn't see the Ditto
    on Bill's bench (his name is Bill, FYI), so it sounds like he won fair and square. You did get it
    right, that Nick is a deserving winner. He is always polite to opponents whenever he is at a tourney.
    Those of us who went to have fun, did have a good time, except it was disappointing that there
    weren't enough people to cut to top 8, only top 4.
  7. GrandmaJoner

    GrandmaJoner Active Member

    wow shutup GL Mo, hes just bitter, and i know how that feels to lose to luck that way =/
  8. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    I played him like two games before the top4 and beat him easily, i dont think hes a better player, it was just a huge mistake on my behalf... it was just the wrong time for that mistake to happen, just like grady little on 10/27/03... aka Game 7 of the ALCS...

    like i said the ditto was hidden... :mad:

    i wasn't bashing people for not trading.. it was just one of the mohters (not trying to be like a jerk abou it) was like after i asked if anyone had a bex, and she responded, "Are you on crack or something"... I was insulted...
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2004
  9. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    Nick, my bad, i was kind of trying to concentrate on my game you know... ;-)

    and joner... thanks for the comment, i'd never expect that from you...

    monkey- who were u tom?
  10. Monkey

    Monkey <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p


    Im alan, i played the fossil muligan deck. lol
  11. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Nice try anyway |PoKeY|

    Ditto SK is evil :D
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2004
  12. Hot Mustid

    Hot Mustid New Member

    the mulligan deck that i PWN every time... because you never seem to get more than like 2 energy per game with me
  13. Monkey

    Monkey <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p


    SINISTER New Member

    You know, after reading your post, I have to ask just how old you are. I'm told you're over 15, but you're acting like you're 5.

    "I got shafted"??? So, basically you weren't paying attention?

    As for your other comments earlier, they just reek of an attitude that I wouldn't want to be around, much less play. "Slops" to a player that beat you. Cry a little more eh? How about a nice big slop to yourself for playing such an archetypical, broken deck? Come up with something a little original sometime, play it, and if you can win a major event, then you can talk about how great you are.

    And, please, stop bragging about being #1, when you're acting like #2.
  15. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady New Member

    Pokey, You forgot to mention that you played Bill for fun, just after you beat him in round 3 and lost to him.

    I have to agree with Sinister. What were you paying attention to when Bill put the Ditto on the bench? It obviously wasn't your game. And if you weren't paying attention to your game, you deserved to lose.

    Oh, and what kind of a top player goes to an event unprepared? You were trying to get cards for the deck at the event? Sounds like poor planning to me.

    My last point is this, I'm not the mother who asked if you were on drugs, but I did hear you making a complete pest out of yourself trying to trade a few pages of uncommon reverse holos and poor playing holos for one of the top cards out there. Who were you trying to kid?
  16. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    *Note to all in this post*
    *I am not in any form Badtalking Nintendo or the League system or anything to do with the Card Game just the people. IMO Nintendo is doing an awesome job, except on distribution (cuz we still never got our league stuff for season 1.)
    Thank you.*

    Sinister- First off... i had another deck that wasn't played by anyone aka my own original deck, but i saw that half the decks there metagamed it completely. So what would you do, take a deck that could beat 90% of the current environment or gamble with a deck that could probably beat about 25% of the environment consistently...
    2nd off, im not crying... i was just a little frustrated that i lost to someone that i should beat easily with the deck strentgh and skill/experience.

    DragonLady- im assuming that your Bill's mom. If you aren't sorry for assuming.
    In that other match i wasn't trying nor did i obviously care... it wasn't for the record or anything...
    I didn't get 5 of my 6 cards that i was missing for the deck in the mail. I was supposed to get my cards in the mail on either friday or thursday. I got them on saturday when i came home for the tourney. I also dont have millions of boxes to get or anything. I only had bought about 30 packs of tmvta and only had 2 exs pulled luckily one was blaziken. I also cant use ebay. And no one at my league had even seen the card... what do you suppose i would have done? I obviously didn't see his ditto... he didn't announce it... does that mean anything? Last time i check you were supposed to announce every move... But hey im not complaining anymore...
    I wasn't trrying to fool anyone.. i was willing to trade 60+ reverse holos for bex... call me crazy or u can just call me desperate... or i guess pest could do, but does that have any congruency or relevance or similarity to desperate...
    i think not.. so i rest my case...

    I also think u were being a "pest" to my friend kenny... showing of your badges and was like i earned them and acting like a 5-yr old because you have badges... badges mean squat...
    sure if we had badges at me league everyone would have they dont have any real importance except for self pride...
    Wow i paid like $5 and i got this badge... i think i'll show it off like this other kid thats like 6 got. Badges are just a token of your contribution to the community. If that was the case I'd have a bunch of badges.

    I literally give away cards at my league..
    I gave this kid a holo just because he did one of his goals at league.
    I did do Cards of The Day at Pojo... Or i kind of did, kind of busy so i cant at the moment
    I help build people decks online.
    I talk with people about archetypes and how to beat them.
    I play with the bests in the world.
    I talk with the best to develop strategys and post them.

    Im not bashing Nintendo or anything, but like badges aren't really ways to show off your contributions to game..

    and this is getting kind of off topic so ill rest my case.. oh ya... what place did u get dragon lady.

    SINISTER New Member

    So, you aren't capable of creating a non-archetype that can hold it's own? You basically have two decks, the broken one, and the one that works?

    Me personally? I'd have created a deck that used it's strengths and weaknesses to counter the archetypes, handle the metagames, and deal with the abusive cards. I've done it before. I wouldn't have brought 2 decks, I would have brought at least 6, maybe as many as 15. You don't want to even know what I took to the last NJ challenge. Just because I wasn't at the NH competition, don't think you haven't seen me before, or won't see me again.

    And, yes, "I was cheated, I should have won" is crying. Or better yet, whining. Frustration is the inability to deal with a problem. Sounds like your problems are completely within your own grasp to handle.

    A. Finish growing up, at least mentally. I know several 10 year olds who handle the tournament scene better than your post suggests.

    B. Instead of playing the same old deck, come up with a new trick. Something that not only wins, but blows the minds of your opponents, the spectators and the community.

    C. Learn to respect those around you. I've played the young man in question, and he's certainly not someone you "should beat" in any environment. The deck sounds like a very workable variety on the arch-busters of yore, and his skills aren't in question. Neither are yours, only your attitude.

    D. Learn to pay more attention to the game you are playing. Apparently either through laziness or a lack of challenge, you are used to walking all over your opponents, since your game seems to be less than sharp. I'd suggest finding better competition on a regular basis. Might even improve your overall gameplay.
  18. Venusaur

    Venusaur Active Member

    You all should stop making rude comments to Pokey. I would be mad too if I lost to an inferior deck. He can vent his anger, he doesn't have to be happy that he lost. And he's allowed to trade whatever cards he wants.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2004

    SINISTER New Member

    You might want to avoid jumping so quickly to your friend's defense and actually read what he's being told.

    And, why would you be mad? You don't think you should lose every now and then? For no reason whatsoever? Tell you what, when you become perfect, drop me a line.

    Noone said anything about him not being able to trade. What he was told was to try to trade in a less obnoxious manner, and to not be rude to people who don't want to trade with him. They are allowed to trade whatever cards they want too, as well as not trade if they don't want to.
  20. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    Ok so basically what i drew out of that was this

    You think im immature. i know i can tend to be... it just is me not being smart or just bored.
    You think i need to grow up- i just dont act it and read mny above comment
    You think i should be more original- i would but nah... i like to be able to beat any deck consistently aka bex
    You think i need to respect people more- id respect people more if they'd respect me... its a 2-way st.
    You think that people that have won sts, sc's, gencons, team multi player championships have no skill..

    ok D. made no sense whatsoever... i understand about paying attention i was with one of my girls that happened to be a friend for the night and i didnt have coffee in the morning... I'm not used to walking all over people... i do lose some times/on average to the elites of the game... but are you saying that they are elite. are you saying that chris fulop is a joke.
    i sure as hell wouldn't hes prolly one of the best players in the game, sure i havent played him in a long time, but ive played him once or twice and they were honorable matches and it wasn't a lob sided game...
    id like to see you give fulop a fight... or even venasaur... hes actually an elite playa

    edit- i wasnt trying to be obnoxious with the trading... i was just a lil irratated my that crack comment, because of the stuck-up-ness in the area.... so i got a lil desperate thats all.

    Ill also play you anyday sinister on apprentice... and we can settle this in a professional and diplomatic way... im getting a lil sick of arguing and im looking like a complete jerk doing...
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2004
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