NimbusKids First Pokegym haves/wants(OWND GENGAR WITHIN)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by NimbusKid, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member


    X2 Lugia (bottem half)
    x1 Darkrai & Cresselia (top half)
    x1 Palkai & Dialga(bottem)
    x1 Suicune & Entei(Top Half)
    x1 Raikou & suicune(top half)

    Prime rares
    x1 Meganium
    x1 Mew
    x1 Gengar
    x1 Celebi
    x2 Raichu
    x1 Umbreon
    x1 Espeon
    x1 Ampharos
    x1 slowking
    x1 Houndoom
    x1 Feraligator

    Call Of Legends Foils

    x1 Lugia
    x1 Deoxys


    x2 feraligator(starter rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x2 Golduck(Triumphent)
    x1 Luvdisc
    x3 Mamoswine(starter rare)
    x1 Palkia
    x1 wailord(triumphent)
    x4 Gyarados(2 from starter, one is holo rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x1 Empleon
    x3 Poliwrath
    x1 Poliwrath
    x1 Suicune(tin promo)
    x1 suicune(tin promo with pokepower)
    x1 Floatzel SP
    x1 Glalie(burgerking promo)
    x3 Octillery
    x1 Azumarill(hg&ss)
    x3 lapras(promo)
    x1 lapras(hgss)
    x3 Lapras(fossil)(all foil)

    x2 Meganium(starter rare, one is alt pic from c.o.l.)
    x1 Venusaur(supreme victors)
    x2 Bellossom(undaunted)
    x2 Tangrowth(c.o.l.)
    x1 Leafeon(majestic dawn)
    x1 butterfree(hgss)
    x1 cherrim(arceus)
    x1 Torterra(majestic dawn)
    x1 Torterra(platnuim)
    x1 carnivine(triumphent)
    x2 Venomoth(triumphent)
    x1 Yanmega sp
    x1 Heracross sp(foil)
    X1 Shuckle(hgss)

    x1 Arceus(Fire)
    x1 Magmotar(hgss)
    x2 Magmotar(triumphent one is foil)
    x1 rapidash(triumphent)
    x1 Charizard(storm front)
    x1 Charizard(arceus)
    x5 Typholsion(starter rare,one is alt pic from c.o.l)
    x1 Blaziken(promo)
    x2 Infernape(platnium)
    x2 Magcargo(undaunted)
    x1 Arnine(hgss)
    x1 Camerupt SP

    x1 Crobat(unleashed)
    x2 Mr Mime sp
    x2 Gallad sp
    x1 Weezing(c.o.l)
    x1 Banette(unleashed)
    x1 mr mime(c.o.l.)
    x2 Banette(triumpet)
    x1 Giratina(platnium rare)
    x1 Giratina(holo rare)
    x1 Mismagius(undaunted)
    x1 Mismagius(unleased)
    x2 Mismagius( c.o.l.)
    x1 Grumpig(Triumphent)
    x1 Nidoqueen(Triumphent)
    x1 Exeggutor(hgss)
    x1 Hypno(hhss foil)
    x1 Drifblim(undaunted)
    x1 smoochem(hgss)

    x2 umbreon(undaunted starter rare)
    x1 umbreon(col)
    x2 Tyranitar(unleased)
    x1 Darkrai Sp
    x1 Honchkrow(supreme)
    x2 Honchkrow(undaunted)
    x1 Honchkrow(undaunted, blindside)

    x1 Forretress(undaunted)
    x1 Forretres(undauntd holo rare)
    x1 Scizor(undaunted foil rare)
    x2 Metagross(rare undaunted)
    x2 Metagross(promo)
    x1 mawile(supreme victors)
    x2 Skarmory(undaunted, one is alt pic from col)

    x2 Raichu(hgss)
    x1 Pikachu(promo, with recharge and thunderbolt)
    x1 rotom(undaunted)

    x3 Nidoking(truimphent starter rare)
    x2 Solrock(truimphent)
    x1 suddowoodo(unleased)
    x1 Probopass(legends awake)
    x1 Gliscor(undaunted)

    x1 Alph Lithograph(undaunted)

    x1 Altaria(platnium)
    x4 porygon(hgss promo)
    x4 prygon 2 (hgss promo)
    x1 Poryhon 2(triumphent)
    x1 Porygon-z(Triumphent)
    x1 Snorlax(rising rivals)(reverse foil)
    x1 Snorlax(col)
    x4 hoothoot(hgss promo)
    x4 Noctowl(hgss promo)
    x1 Ursaring(unleashed)
    x2 Granbull(col)
    x1 Fearow(unleashed)
    x1 Togekiss(undaunted)
    x1 Farfetch'd(hgss)
    x1 Clefable(col foil)
    x1 Igglybuff(crystal gaurdians)
    x1 wigglytuff(crystal gaurdians)
    x2 Ambipom(triumphent)
    x1 Slaking(platnium)
    x1 Rayquaza Sp
    x1 Flygon(rising rivals)
    x2 dodrio(undaunted)
    x1 persian(hgss)

    x2 Weezing(D&P Great encounters ONLY)
    x1 Infernape sp Level x
    x2 Blaziken sp
    x1 Blaziken sp level x
    x2 Floatzle sp level x(HUUUUUGE WANT)
    x1 leafeon level x
    x6 rare candy
    x6 expert Belt
    x1 shaymin(undaunted)
    xX warp energy
    xX cyclone energy
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  2. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    are these the shinies from COL?

    x1 Lugia
    x1 Deoxys
  3. SSBBDaisy

    SSBBDaisy New Member

    CML for
    Porygon Promo
    Porygon 2 Promo
    Mr.Mime C.O.L
    Alph Lithograph UD

    Most of these are low wants.

    I have 3x rare candy. pls cml for more.
  4. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    Hello I'm interested in your Gengar Prime and x1 Suicune & Entei(Top Half).

    Please cml for them. I have the following unlisted.

    1x Blaziken FB
    1x Blaziken FB Lv. X
    1x Snorlax Lv. X
    1x Lugia Legend Top Half
    3x Rare Candy.

  5. bradtb13

    bradtb13 New Member

    My blazeiken fb x
    Blaziken fb
    Your raichu prime x 2
    Espeon prime
    Umbreon prime
  6. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member

    sent all a message that i was interested in theyre trade offers, oh and yes the deoxys and lugia are shinies
  7. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    Alright cool. Can you cml for these:

    x1 Lugia COL shiny
    x1 Deoxys COL shiny
    x1 Gengar Prime

    i have:

    x2 Weezing(D&P Great encounters ONLY)
    x1 Infernape sp Level x
    x2 Blaziken sp
    x1 Blaziken sp level x
    x2 Champion Belt (Do you mean expert belt?)
    x1 shaymin(undaunted)
    x2 cyclone energy

    LMK what we can do.
  8. LauraKitazawa

    LauraKitazawa New Member

    Could you CML for your COL Shiny Deoxys and Umbreon Prime please?
    All I have is x2 Weezing(D&P Great encounters ONLY)

  9. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    Hi, I want your gengar prime, i have a floatzel gl lv x.
    Please take a look at my list and see if we can work out a trade
  10. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member


    how about my 1x Rare Candy for your 1x Mr. Mime C.o.L.?
  11. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    I have from your Wants:

    1x Warp energy (exUF Badly Damaged, throw in?)
    8x Cyclone energy (7x SF, 1x exUF)

    Please CML for these:
    x1 Gengar Prime
    x1 Celebi Prime
    x2 Raichu Prime
    x1 Umbreon Prime
    x1 Espeon Prime
    x1 Feraligatr Prime
    x1 Leafeon(majestic dawn)
    x2 Umbreon(undaunted starter rare)
    x1 Umbreon(col)
    x2 Raichu(hgss)
    x1 Pikachu Promo

    LMK, thanks!
  12. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    if you trade to eu, can you CML for your
    x2 Raichu
    x1 Raichu(hgss)
    x1 Pikachu(promo, with recharge and thunderbolt)
    your col shinies

    i only have a floatzel gl x for trade. (leafeon x is pending)
  13. NimbusKid

    NimbusKid New Member

    responed in message to all i was interest, wanting floatzle level x syill guys!
  14. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    so that would be a no, then....
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