NJ regionals report (Top 8)

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by BloodDraek, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    Ok so unlike a lot of people I got a LOT of sleep by going to bed at 10 and waking at like 8.

    So I go into regionals trying to prove a point, that Plox takes no skill to play. I had only used it for like a week and felt pretty confident

    onto teh rounds

    I am in teh senior division
    rounds - 6
    T Cut - 8
    attendance - 47-48

    R1 Geoffrey Sauk (Mirror)

    Ok I heard this kid was really good even though his size made me think he was a junior, so I stayed serious.
    I had gotten a lot of wagers, I played the firsdt wager and won because of the fact that Rock is picked more often then scizzors. I got nothing but another wager but I was able to Psy lock that turn making him unable to use CP. I wagered the next turn and won again and at that time he couldn't come back.


    I entered the coloring contest coloring a gangsta piplup.

    R2 M3 (G&G)

    We both get terrible starts and I keep wagering away his keen eyes. I was able to draw into a gallade like T5-6 and won teh game.

    2-0 (pwned)

    R3 Mitchel Woo (mirror)

    Ok he sets up fast and I can't draw anything. I think I'm going to lose but the luck of teh Irish was with me and I was able to come back with Dusknoir dark Palming his full powered Gardy X and Garde locking him down.


    Lunch Break

    I got wendy's with M2 and Robert

    R4 Johny Burnside or something like that (Hurricane)

    I totally pwned spirit out of him by Locking him down with psy lock/bring down. Very onesided, he didn't take a single prize.


    I am so excited!

    R5 Dylan Bryan Oh Crap (Magmortar/Claydol)

    This game was closer than any game I've ever had against him, dusknoir really helped me here d palming his magmar with 2-3 nrgy on it and dealt a lot of damage killing his mag L.X. I lost because I couldn't get out claydol which could've givin me the Gallade and DRE I would've needed to win the game but at 1-1 prize he Flame Blustered my benched ralts for the game


    Ok I am 5th so I think I might need to win the next match to make T Cut.

    R6 Ben Something (banette)

    OMG, I totally lost! I took him to 2 prizes though.


    Turns out that I stayed the same at 5th place here were the standings

    1 Mike Diaz 6-0 (mag/dol/omastar)
    2 Jarret 5-1 (banette)
    3 Dylan Bryan 5-1 (Mag/dol)
    4 Ben 5-1 (banettte)
    5 Me 4-2 (Plox)
    6 Zachery Asklof 4-2 (G&G)
    7 Mitchell Woo 4-2 (G&G)
    8 Eric Peterson 4-2 (banette)

    You have to be frickin kidding me, banette in Top 8, really.

    Top 8 Ben (Banette/Claydol)

    G1 I take it to 2 prizes to 0 but he beats me with a cladol multi/psychic and strength charm which really made me angry.


    G2 I go first with energy, ralts start, RC, Celio's, Tauros CG, and DRE. I fail at confusing him and he plays a Crystal Beach but I taouros it to the discard , RC to Gallade, DRE, and flip 6 prizes for the Game.


    G3 Ok this game had to be the most insane game I have ever had, I thought he would T2 me but I was able to draw a ralts and keep the game going. in the end I had discarded like 2 crystal beaches wwith one in play while I had a fresh dusknoir with 3 nrgy and 1 prize to his claydol, banette with 1 energy, and banette with 2 energy, banette in the discard, and 1 prize with banette with 1 nrgy active. When I never thought it would happen, he warp points me to make me bring up a claydol or gardevoir up. Great Game Ben.


    In my packs all I got were 2 claydol (1 reverse) and 1 RH baltoy.


    5th place out of 47-48
    getting a cool het
    the judges
    Ben for that great game
    My team for doing excellent (3 in top 8)
    selling my vaporeon *
    my mom for taking me


    each round taking forever to start
    5th with top 4 getting trophies
    nothing good in packs
    nothin much else

    thanx for reading

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  2. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Hey, good job, It's not so bad, and you're points will go up a bit.
  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member


    and what place did you come in, I know you were Top8
  4. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    nice, i played plox and got t16, it really is pretty easy to use.
  5. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    It's not just easy to use, it plays itself
  6. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    i didnt make it, baltoy start with bad hand all 6 rounds. ughhhh the plox has failed me......

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