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Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by IceeViper, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. IceeViper

    IceeViper New Member

    What is the cause of this? Is it because they were given?
  2. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    If they have a little padlock on them, it is probably because they are in a deck.
  3. cabd

    cabd New Member

    Cards that come in basic <color> decks are untradable.
  4. IceeViper

    IceeViper New Member

    Oh. Thank you very much Eevee, I was worried
  5. ticka222

    ticka222 New Member

    +all boosters+cards you recevive from daily login rewards are untradable.
  6. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    What I can't figure out is why some of my tin Promos are not tradable. For example, I have a Darkrai EX that cannot be traded. Anyone know the reason for this?
  7. I don't know, but I'd like to know also. NONE of my Autumn tin promos are tradeable, and I have two extra Darkrai that I could easily trade... D:
  8. M_Liesik

    M_Liesik Master Trainer<br><font color=green><i>Keeper of t

    Bug. We've been digging into this one for a while but have yet to find a common cause that would allow us to put a consistent fix in place.
  9. NoDice

    NoDice New Member

    I really hope you find one soon- my Legendary Tin promos have been trade locked since i bought them and redeemed them shortly after they came out. 3 Darkrai, 3 Ray, and 3 Mewtwo I dont need and cant trade.
  10. DragonicLlama

    DragonicLlama New Member

    My White Kyurem EX and Latios EX are Trade Locked... Is that a bug?
  11. TrainerBZ

    TrainerBZ New Member

    Why are some of my other items locked like my packs?
  12. poketgco12345

    poketgco12345 New Member

    If you havnt noticed, anything that is obtained in game, are untradable, this goes for packs,cards, that the wheel or the game gives you. They also changed the way they give out free packs and cards now.This is because they found so many abusing by using multiple accounts and trading free packs and cards, that are given in promotions, or as a "thanks for your patience for this glitch in this system"
    any cards bought from the ingame shops are untradable, as are some of the wheel prizes.
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  13. vaytiennhanh

    vaytiennhanh New Member

    have a Darkrai EX that cannot be traded. Anyone know the reason for this?
  14. HarleyQuinn418

    HarleyQuinn418 New Member

    I just opened a generations pack and it won't let me trade flareon ex. Any reason why?
  15. lunaravent

    lunaravent New Member

    i think your generations pack might be locked too?

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