Norway nats?

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by NEMark, May 10, 2008.

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  1. NEMark

    NEMark New Member

    Any news?
  2. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Day 2 tomorrow. Think the player number was about 150. T16 in Junior and Senior, T8 in Masters.
  3. NEMark

    NEMark New Member

    What are swiss standings? thanks.
  4. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

  5. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    150 players so 6 rounds and a T16... that should push several NO players into the Top20 of the EU rankings.

    Good Luck everyone.

    The only bit of the Norweigian forums I can follow is that only two GG made the T8. Not too sure which division but I suspect Masters.
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  6. Tego

    Tego New Member

    Yup, Masters. :)
  7. Guille90

    Guille90 New Member

    Mikkel lost in top8 :(
  8. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    Me failed :p
    I learned that I should not play a red face paint that was such luck dependant.
    I played a Banette/Shiftry EX deck that during testing beat GG all the times I got setup, but had several consistancy problems.

    Wellwell, If I'm lucky, I will get a ranking invite, and then I am going to WORLDS :D :p
  9. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Good Luck with the ratings invite Mikkel, what was your tournament record at Nationals?

    Når jeg stakk var dette situasjonen:

    Khanh mot Evens i Mastersfinalen, Khanh ledet 1-0
    Andy mot Kjartan i Seniorfinalen, Andy ledet 1-0
    Emily C var ny norgesmester i Junior

    Congrats to Emily. Has she played at Worlds before?

    Khanh vs Evens isn't a big surprise. :tongue:
    Andy and Kjarten I don't recognise... I'm just off the to the ratings pages to see who they are. Is Andy Evens' brother?
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  10. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    And the winners are:

    Khanh Le
    Andy Cheung
    Emily Chan

    @Nopoke: I think the rankings are lost for me. My record was 2-3 and 2 byes(From winning cities and States)
    So I'll drop like 60 points, and 1741 is way to low :p (My rating is 1801 atm)
  11. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    How did that high ranked SR perform (Tord)?
    And what decks were used?
  12. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    Tord didn't play nats

    T4 all age groups + decks:

    1# Emily - Blissey and Banette
    2# Thinh - Gardevoir and Gallade with Flygon
    3/4# Ståle - Blissey and Banette
    3/4# Lisa - Blissey and Lucario

    1# Andy - Didn't see his deck
    2# Kjarten - Didn't see, but I guess GG
    3/4# Alexander - Magmortar I think
    3/4# Mathias - Magmortar with Togekiss

    1# Khanh - Gardevoir and Gallade
    2# Evens - Banette and Gyarados
    3/4# Anders - Gardevoir and Gallade
    3/4# Rafael - Gardevoir and Gallade
  13. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Wow GG beat a Bannete deck in matchplay. I'm puzzled though weren't there only 2 GGs in the Top 8 for master??? *confused*

    juniors is interesting. Blissey +Bannete. probably a decent deck choice even with MD added to the mix.
  14. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    There were 3 GG, kenneth had it wrong

    T8 Masters were:

    3 GG
    3 Banette based decks
    1 Blissey/Banette
    1 Skittles

    I played 1 Banette obv. both me and the other guy who got knocked out of the T8 were extremely unlucky, so that was a big letdown

    The reason Evens lost:

    The games were tied 1-1, I didn't see those games

    Game 3: Evens starts, has Magikarp, attach, passes. Khanh has Pachirishu, attach energy, Strenght Charm, Smash Short, 30 damage KO :/
  15. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Wow. Khanh choses to go second, he knew there was a FTKO as a possibility. Or did he top deck the strength charm? That would just be too lucky for words.
  16. Tego

    Tego New Member

    This was fun! But I'm tired. :p


    Hehe. They both won a travel award last year, and met for the finals this year. Pretty impressive!

    Andy is Evens' brother. He's had a difficult "beginning of Seniors" period for the past few years, but he was actually a big name before he went off to Seniors, finishing 6th at Worlds in his final year in Juniors!

    Blissey + Banette is a very strong deck in Juniors. It won Juniors at the huge East Norway Championships last month, then got a boost in popularity and was the deck choice for very many of Norway's top Junior players at Nationals.
  17. Fireborn

    Fireborn New Member

    Congrats to all the winners! Sounds like a really great tournament =)

    I was wondering, what happened to Khanh's little sister? She did really well at Worlds last year, didn't she? Has she stopped playing now?
  18. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    She moved up to Seniors, did bad at the first Battle Roads of the year, then lost interest, she hasn't played since September/October AFAIK
  19. Tego

    Tego New Member

    But she was at Nationals, among the audience, cheering for her brother (Khanh) and her cousin in Junior. I expecpt great things from her again once she moves up towards the end of Seniors ... ;)
  20. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Eskil, my stepcounter said i had walked 7.7km on saturday and 4.5km today, i guess all staff members would have the same. So i agree with you, i am also tired :p

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