NY Kings Games Ru/Sa Challenge Report (see how link cables became weapons!)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Perfect0ne, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Well, me and my friend patrick left about 10 in the morning (my father drove us) and did a few battles for practice. We stopped by my sisters house to say hi and stuff and got there about 11. It was supposed to start at 12 but things never kicked off until about 12:45.

    Now to my draft deck:

    3 Ralts (one of each)
    3 Kirlia (2 superpsy 1 life drain)
    2 wingull
    2 pelipper
    3 tochic (2 singe 1 fireworks)
    1 combusken (double kick)
    1 NH blaziken
    1 magmar ex

    7 fire
    7 psy
    5 water

    2 oran berry
    1 lady outing
    1 professor birch
    1 pokemon reversal (never used)


    Latios @ Scope Lens
    Dragon Claw

    Swampert @ Chesto berry
    Ice beam

    Milotic @ Leftovers

    Round one- Kenneth Wong:
    We played each other at Timewarp NJ and Pkmn center NYC in modified format, i knew he was good, but listen to this. I started off with the Hypnoblast Ralts and he eventually got his aron up to a lairon(80HP) and i made it sleep for 4 turns killing it! next he sent up Mewtwo ex and used energy absorbtion. I slap down a kirlia (super psy) and an energy, giving me 2 more prizes. then i superpsy a skitty for the game.
    4/4 points

    Round two- Pat (cant remember last name)
    Well, this kid wasn't very talkative or friendly =/. I tried starting conversations and he always replied "oh" or "great". Anyway, I remember
    we started latios vs. latios, I use dragon claw, he uses calm mind. He switches to regice and i use a D.claw. I switch to milotic, he uses ice beam. I toxic it until its weak and then he brings up a resting kingdra. Eventually they call time and since he couldnt rest for 2 minutes i had him weak and they called the match in my favor by HP difference.
    6/6 points

    At this point, Patrick lost his first GB match and was in total shock that his 134 speed latios was hit first by a 135 speed 206 attack choice banded slakings Hyper beam and died like a fly. Next round i get a chance for revenge.

    Round three- (oops, forgot name :( )
    His slaking drops off milotic with a critical hit, then his registeel stalls me out of the game!
    6/8 points

    We were told there wouldnt be a lunch break so in between the next two matches, me and patrick ate KFC stuff and next was cards...and i had BBQ sauce on my hands... ... ...*wipes on carpet*... ... ...*no one noticed*... ... ...ok now for the cards. (I hear Michael Trapani and Patrick Reirdon) Damn, i gotta play against my friend!

    Round four- Patrick Reirdon
    He started off by flashing his sneasel ex and 2 darkness energy in my face ( i cut his cards too! ). well i started off with a link blast ralts which took out his chansey ex everntually and then sneasel ex came up. he took out ralts, but i then sent up a pelipper and stockpiled. he killed it and i sent up a ralts and attatched energy to my combusken. he kills it and guess what!? I drew blaziken! Flamethrower I win!!!
    8/10 points

    Patrick was upset now with only 6/10 possible points, but it turns out well for him. At this point the kid that beat me and patrick was talking to us between matches and we were kind of a temporary party group or something. I ended up with a devious plan to grab his GB to lure him into an alley or closet, and tie him up with the billions of link cables so he doesnt show up for his next match! The plan almost succeeded but i tripped over the cables and fell forehead first into a doorknob! Ouch... ... ...a-a-and round 5!

    Round five- little boy in 10 and under age group.
    Well he burned my Latios(HotDog) with a flygons fireblast, and i D.clawed it twice in row. next up was latias and i d.claw it, he d.claws me for the KO. Then i win with Swampert the rest of the way.
    10/12 points

    Round six- ( i remeber his GB name was Dr Ron)
    He has a baton passer Gorebyss for a Registeel! In the match next to me, the little kid from my previous round burned Patricks Latios(Hambu[r]ger as well!) we were cracking up. He burned my latios (hotdog) and his was meant to be Hamburger but was actually Ham-buger... so he has a roasted buger if he loses =/. anyway... i wain by time alone, i would have lost =/.
    12/14 points

    well now we waited for the prizes (only 4 kids were in 10 and under) and this girl put the medals around everyones neck. Kenneth Wong got 3rd in 11-14 and when the girl was putting the medal around his neck, he went "please dont do that"... needless to say, everyone said "O" and "*whisper*[Edit: Ummm, NO...]*whisper*". anyway, patrck got 2nd in 11-14 in his first tourney ever! pretty cool... i hardley noticed though...[nope...]...well...nevermind. they went upstairs to get the 15 and olders prizes...but this time the girl didnt put the medals around our necks :p [.....and nope...]. anyway i get the 200$ gift thingy and plan on ordering 60 R/S packs and a talking pichu plush for my little sister...any one know why the "pokemon magical clock" is $150!? i doubt im spending that much on a clock, lol.

    $200 cretificate
    being able to draft Pelliper
    nice looking models at the shoe store i went to afterwards
    BBQ on my big sisters terrace afterwards
    having enough time to sleeve my draft deck
    other stuff too...

    Door knobs
    the pokemon magical clock for confusing me
    BBQ sauce...

    thanx for reading and wahddaya think? cool huh?
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  2. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    The guy that you went against in Round Three was Sam Chang(I think). Also, the little boy was my bro, lol. Anyway, you did A LOT better than I did there. I only got 6/16. I drafted a Pelipper, also. I lost my first TCG on a coin flip. You saw that game, Perfect0ne. It was against Pat Reirdon. Well, congrats!
  3. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    hey wassup. Yea i remember, it was on a nosepass flip, lol. Well as you can see lots of stuff was edited out, but it really shows how the whole day was. Thanx for the reply and good luck in the future =)
  4. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Nice report but you forgot one thing:

    How many People showed up?
  5. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    oh...well i think somewhere around 30ish
  6. Insane Psyduck

    Insane Psyduck New Member

    "Well, this kid wasn't very talkative or friendly =/"

    Sorry about that, I was kind of tired at that tourney. I guess I could have been warmer and conversed a bit more. Anyway, congrats on taking the 15+ division.
  7. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Oh i see you just joined=). thanx, and it was kind of a shame how they let HP decide the winner, but otherwise we both would have lost. hopefully well have a rematch at some other event in the future =/. thanx for the reply

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