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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by TomShea, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. TomShea

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    Hello everyone

    I wanted to post a few helpful hints for the players attending NY or MA states this weekend.

    Before the tournament:
    1. when you enter the venue, we will have player registration slips, decklists and pens availible, fill out AND HAND IN THE player registration slip ASAP, this helps us get all the players properly entered into the computer and helps us run a better event.

    1A. Make sure you have your pop id and write so we can read your name, pop id # and your date of birth on both the registration slip and your deck list.

    2. We will collect DECK LISTS at the beginning of round 1.

    3. We will extend one of the rounds by 15 minutes to give the players an opportunity to grab something to eat, We will announce this BEFORE the round starts so you know what is going on. Our goal is to keep the tourney running so that we finish at a reasonable time.

    4. Make sure that you have someone verify your deck list, players should help each other do this, make sure the cards are legal, that you don't have an illegal amount of the same card in your deck(5 professor oak last year), make sure that you have all 60 cards listed on the deck list. If you have any questions please ask a judge. Optional deck checks will be availible

    5. Double check your sleeves and make sure you have extra sleeves availible in your color that are not noticible. When I play I buy 100 ct packs of sleeves,

    6. Make sure you have damage counters.

    During the tournament:

    Double check your sleeves after each round. Replace ones that become marked. Sleeves that start the tournament legal aren't necessarily legal at the end of the tournament. It is the players RESPONSIBILITY to present a legal deck each and EVERY round.

    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION DURING YOUR MATCH ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS HAPPENING, CALL THE JUDGE, We can't fix something that we don't know is either broken or over.

    Have a good time! Enjoy the day,

    For those of you in NY we are going to a real DOJO,

    We look forward to this weekend

    Tom and Judy Shea

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